Wednesday, July 20, 2011

hey! 07/18/11 Week 24

Hello once again!

Alright, so I don´t have tons of time to write this week, because it´s a little hectic today.  I will be going to Rosario later on this afternoon because I have to go do something with my Visa......I´m not really sure what it is, but I think there are 20 of us or so that are going, so there shouldn't be a problem with it or anything.  Oh,  and I'M AN UNCLE!  Dang that's awesome.  ha ha Alena Rose Winger. that just flows.  Congratulations Nate and Shantra!!  Make sure you show her a picture of me and whisper Tanner in her ear at least for 3 hours a day so I can become her favorite Uncle ;).  Anyway, that's so awesome!  Also mom, I will be going to the mission home today so I will be able to find out if my contacts have come or not.  Also, thanks for sending part 1 of your childhood!  I was very very entertained haha and its so nice to know about your life growing up.  Also sounds like everyone is doing well at home, except the whole freaky cat experience sounds...messed up.  Also, tell Nic Winn congratulations and also Jamison as well!  Also, tell Nate Hanks that I wish I could come to his farewell but....yeah, ya know.  Anyway, this week we worked super hard here in Parque del Sur.  Me and Elder Bryce found 18 new investigators to teach, so hopefully at least some if not all will begin progressing towards baptism.  Also, here´s my experience for the week:  We were walking down a road last week and I saw a little pasillo, or alleyway?, that I felt we needed to walk down.  We began contacting, and unfortunately got rejected four times out of the 5 on the street.  Anyway, at the last house, it was already open, so as we began presenting ourselves "We are missionaries..." and before I could continue the lady just invited us in. She believed in God, but had never attended a church before.  To make a long story short, she loved the message of the restoration, she has begun reading the book of Mormon and she feels that it is true, and attended church this past Sunday!  and usually to get people to church we have to walk to their house and try to drag them out of bed ha, but she came completely on her own....oh, and she´s like 65 years old and walked probably 15 blocks.  She said she usually would ride her bike, but it had busted that morning or something......anyway,  it was such an amazing experience and another testimony builder that God has prepared many of his children here to receive the Gospel.  At church, we introduced Zulema (is her name) to one of the sisters in the ward named Hermana Bustos.  They seemed to really become great friends super quick...awkwardly quick actually ha.  we came to find out that these two older ladies had been very very good friends as children but have not kept in contact or seen each other for many years!!!  So now, they are going to read the book of Mormon at each others houses at drink mate together haha. All this happened within about 4 days haha.  Anyway, we are going to continue Zulema towards baptism!  I´m so grateful for this work and for the opportunity I have to share the gospel.  as far as my teaching skills and Spanish go........still terrible, but the Lord has manifested to me that by the power of the spirit all weaknesses can be overcome.  I truly testify that this is the Lords work and especially that the Gift of Tongues is SO REAL.  Anyway, not much time to talk, but I love you all and I pray for you many times each day ha.  I´ll let you know how the trip to Rosario goes and all.  Look out adventure, here I come.

Love you all,

Elder Winger

Oh p.s.   we had the COPA AMERICA again in town this week, and Argentina played Uruguay....unfortunately they lost.  not. a. happy. people. when. Argentina. loses.  Anyway, it was cool to be in the same town as Messi (greatest player in the world) and I actually had one of the biggest temptations of my life last week that I forgot to tell you about.  We were walking by the stadium one evening and we saw just tons of people running down the streets to get into the stadium....yet we knew that there wasn´t a game until the next game.  Turned out the Argentina national team was practicing inside and people (for free) were running inside to watch.  It was so hard not to join them haha, talk about a dream that would come true....but, we continued on as Missionaries should.  But i´ll tell you what, it wasn´t easy hahaha.  Anyway, ciao.

Escritura:  John chapter 14

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