Tuesday, December 6, 2011

hello family ‏ 12/05/2011 Week 43

Hello my eternal family:

I have received some emails today containing information that has been really hard for me. Hearing about Spencer´s Dad, Gary, is a complete shock for me. But I know that the Gospel that we have is so true, and it´s for times that these that the Lord´s arms are able to comfort us the most. I have just finished writing Elder Burt an email, so if this email is a little shorter, my apologies. ha. If you see Mrs. Burt and fam, tell them I love them and they are in my prayers.

This week was a little rough for us on the work. My companion Elder Waid got sick, and it was a huge bummer. We were able to go out and work for 3 days though, so we definitely treasured those times between "being stuck in the apartment with nothing to do but read, listen to mormon tab, and try to stay sane - and working."
Last Sunday my ex-companion Elder Tague gave me a call and informed me that one of our investigators that we found in Ameghino (Lorena) got baptized last Saturday!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy. Having the Lord´s blessing of seeing the fruits of your labors is a huge motivator to give it my all everyday. I have had a little bit of a hard time keeping completely optimistic and enthusiastic all the time because i maybe haven´t had a baptism in a while, or it feels like i´m not making a big difference in the work, but I know that the Lord knows his vineyard better than I do. It´s been a time of humbling for me haha, a time that i can really put into practice more patience and charity so that I may become a more effective instrument in the hands of the Lord.
I found out a little more about the Christmas phone call (¡QUE ANIMO QUE TENGO!) and i believe that we are going to SKYPE....but i´ve heard rumors that we won´t be able to use the cameras :( but we will see. It´s going to be so nice to hear from all of you!!
We are working hard here in Villa Gobernador Gálvez and are really working hard to have some baptisms this month! We have a 16 year old girl that has been listening to the missionaries for 3 years with her family who finally feels ready to be baptized. Unfortunately, her mom is not able to join her due to the fact that she has to get divorced and remarried before, but it´ll be a great thing when Galia is bapitzed. Also, we found a man named Diego this past weekend.....when we knocked on his door, he was getting ready to go to the baptism of his daughter in the catholic church.....by the end of our lesson, he accepted a baptismal date for the 31st of this month haha. I called him on Saturday night to see if he could go to church the next day, and he said he couldn´t, but he told me "i´m going to read......and ponder.....and read that book of mormon you gave me." i said "ok." So yeah, we are hoping to continue helping him progress and make it to his baptismal date!

The Lord is constantly blessing us. Something that I take for granted sometimes, but i´m so grateful to be out here serving a mission. Sometimes i find myself focusing on how hard it is or whatever blah blah, but to share the message of the restoration with others....i have found myself lately taking a step back and telling myself "you think it´s (this life) hard for you? take a look at all these people that don't have the gospel."

I know this Gospel is true. I know that families can and will be together forever. I know the Savior lives.

To close (as if this were a talk haha) i´d like to post a poem that I received today in the weekly newsletter to the mission. I really enjoyed it.

Don’t Quit

Don’t Quit when
The tide is lowest,
For it’s just about
To turn;
Don’t quit over doubts
and questions,
For there’s something
You may learn.

Don’t quit when
The night is darkest,
For it’s just a while
‘til dawn;
Don’t quit when you’ve
run the farthest,
For the race is almost

Don’t quit when
The hill is steepest,
For your goal
Is almost nigh;
Don’t quit, for you’re
Not a failure
Until you fail to try.

-Jill Wolf

Talk to you soon!!!!

Elder Winger

Also, mom, if you could tell Sav and Sierra thanks so much for their imput in the letters! i loved it all haha. i will be writing emails to them ASAP. thanks :D

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