Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Beautiful Day‏ buen día. 10/17/2011 Week 36

¡Qué caposo es! 
I must first say congratulations to Casey & Kari for the newest member of the Winger clan.  I was super excited to be able to see the picture that you sent me, and i´m not gonna lie, it´s hard sitting here a billion miles away and not being able to see either my niece or nephew ha.  But, i guess they´ll just have to wait 16 months to meet their number 1 role model.... :)
Anyway, i´m happy to hear that everyone is doing so well.  It still throws me off that everyone there is on "fall break" when i´m here preparing myself for a wicked summer haha. 
The work this week was fairly tranquilo and calm, a solid 7.0 days of work.  We had quite a few things come up this week such as a special conference, "a tarde del milagros", so we didn´t get the full week to work in our area.  I did receive the opportunity to speak in sacrament meeting this past Sunday on service, which i hope went fairly ok....but it went none the less. 
Definitely one of the highlights of the week was going to Rosario and hearing from Presidente Arnold, a member of the presidency of the quorum of the 70, he´s also one of our area 70.  But hearing from him totally helped me want to improve my energy in the work.  He spoke to us on things such as the importance of obedience in all things, how to plan more effectively, and just a powerful reminder that we are representatives of the Lord.  At the end of the conference, he bore one of the most powerful testimonies I have witnessed in person.  Throughout the whole conference the Spirit was impressively strong, but as he stood in front of us 100 or so missionaries and bore witness of the work and of the Savior, I was floored.  Hearing a general authority utter the words that its not based on faith,  but he knows that the Savior lives.  It was amazing.
Anyway, we are continuing to work hard in the Lord´s work.  The time seems to just be picking up faster and faster.  I know I still have a lot of time ahead of me, but I continually am trying to push myself, making sure I don´t waste a minute as a missionary of the Lord, cuz before I know it ·poof· it´ll be gone.  Once again, thank you so much for your support, love, and examples.  I know mom, dad, and family that you´ve sacrificed a lot for me to be out here (even though it´s probably more of  a blessing that you don´t have to see my face for 2 years :)  )  But I just want you to know that I´m going to keep doing my best to bless the lives of these people that I meet everyday and give my whole heart to the work continually, because i know that´s what you, and the Lord, expect of me and all of us out here.  You´re encouraging words and updates give me that added boost that sometimes i need :)  I love you all so much and i hope you have an amazing week!
Elder Winger
Scripture of the week:  King Benjamin´s Address that begins in Mosiah 2 :)  one of my favorite parts of the whole book of mormon.

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