Thursday, October 6, 2011

HOLA 10/03/11 Week 34

hey family!
Well, it´s been an exciting week of CHANGES!!! (Obama would be so proud of me.)
I´m now writing you this electronic letter from Ameghino!  Which is in Pergamino...which is in the Buenos Aires area...which is about 4 hours mas o menos from where i was before.
Here´s a quick throwdown of what´s happened over the last few days:
Wednesday:  Packed up all of my stuff and headed out from the terminal in Santa Fe with my new companion Elder Tague from New Hampshire.  He´s been on the mission for about a year and he´s just a little firecracker of an Elder.  He´s a little crazy...kinda weird more like...but we get along just fine and are looking to do some good work this transfer.  So, we headed to the mission home to pick up some things such as books of mormon, folletos...but mostly to see one of my best friends Elder Faldmo (in my district in the MTC) who´s living at the mission home....i would say that´s the biggest reason i went there haha.  But when i got there I found out that I would have to do tramites on thursday!  So i had two options.....go to my Ameghino two hours from the mission home, spend the night, and wake up at like 5 to go back to the mission home...or just spend the day/night at the mission home.  i preferred the latter.  So anyway, i spent the day helping out Elder Faldmo fulfill his new financiero job, spent some time chilling with the assistants and office workers and the president/his wife.  I had a great time there...and even Elder Faldmo and I got to go out and work together from 8-9 that night (one of our fondest dreams since the MTC coming true....dont worry, i don´t really expect any of you to care all that much.)  Then........i went to sleep.
Thursday:  Did the tramites. awful.  I had to go to a different building from the one last time and sit in a little place starting at 9ish that reminded me of a airport terminal.  finished all the picture taking a fingerprinting at about 1. Bleh, couch potatoey day.  But, then Elder Tague and I headed out to our new area!  The apartment i live in is pretty nice (for argentina standards ha.)  Our bathroom is about as appalling as the attic of a 146 year old abandoned shack.  yeah, that´s how i would describe it.  But we live with two other elders, Elder Knight and his newby elder, Eldr Guadanin or something.....who´s from utah...just has a crazy name ha.  Anyway, we all get along well. yipee.  On thursday i pretty much just unpacked, ate some fake food cuz i didn´t have any real kind, and then went to sleep.
Friday:  We went out and did some work!  We looked for the registers of our investigators that the Elders before us said had dates to be baptized within the next couple weeks....and none of them had been registered in our area book.  So we basically don´t know what any of these people have been taught, and kind of have gotten an idea after deep study of where they leave, so we are currently working on that.  Also on Friday..actually i can´t even remembr what else, so i´ll just tell you more about the area.   It´s a lot more tranquilo than where i was before, and it´s a lot more quite and calm.  The houses are mostly middle class here, just your typical argentina city (which i know you all are familiar with).   That´s enough for Friday
Saturday:  General Conference!!! absolutely amazing.  We got to go to the saturday morning session, which was awesome, especially getting to watch it in Spanish.  but we didn´t get to watch the saturday afternoon session which was sort of a bummer, so if there´s any really good talks that i missed, i´d appreciate it if you could email them to me or something..please :)  but also on Saturday, a bird flew in our house and i trapped it in a room for like 20 minutes..not really sure why...but then i released it.
Also, as we were getting familiar with our area and doing some contacting, we found a great couple that i´m really excited to teach!  Their names are Juan and Ramina Rodriguez, and they are preparing to have their first baby in the first couple of weeks!  Super excited to continue passing by them and sharing with them the wonderful message of the gospel.
Sunday:  MORE CONFERENCE..and i watched it in English today...sitting with 5 other Elders in a tiny closet that you would in most cases find under the stairs of any modern U.S. home, watching it on a whopping 8 inch by 8 inch screen baby.  If i had time, i would tell you which of my talks were my favorites...............but i really don´t have much time now ha.  But i did notice that many of the apostles did talk about the importance of the book of mormon and missionary work.  The book of mormon is the most powerful tool that we use as missionaries (as well as the spirit of course) of bringing our brothers and sisters to come to know the truth.  I know the book of mormon is the word of God and if you are ever wondering how to introduce someone to the gospel, the book of mormon is the way to do it.  The book of mormon will bring any willing soul who reads it to come to know the divinity of the savior as our redeemer and that his church has been restored. 
Anyways, doing great here in the new area.  It´s kind of weird and different getting used to a new area again, especially when me and Elder Tague are new to the area.   Oh, and Elder Tague has been out for one year this week.  Woot.  He likes basketball and always talks to me about new superheroes that he´s going to publish..super fascinating :)
I love you all, thank you so much for your support and love.  hasta la próxima.
Elder Winger
and today,
played soccer with the zone, got my face fried by the sun.  saw Elder Smart. i hugged him. 

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