Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween! 10/31/2011 Week 38

Hello everyone! Happy Halloween!!!! Here in Argentina if i didn´t know the date, i probably wouldn´t really notice that it was Halloween....some people have some decorations and stuff for it, so it´s at least acknowledged haha.......but i guess i´ll wait until tonight to see if it´s actually celebrated in the same way as in the states...just to give it a fair chance ;). I was at a members house yesterday for lunch and the daughter of the family was asking me how Halloween was in the United States....I told her "just like the movies." She responded with, "do you really go door to door asking for candy?" I said yes, and she just went off about how lucky we were haha. So yes, the Halloween cheer may not be as vibrant here, but then again.....maybe i´ll have to find a way to change that....
This past week we have been having quite a bit of success in the ward! Remember the first week that I got here in this area and we had 13 people in church? Well, yesterday we had 44! It was quite exciting and i´m hoping we can continue bringing people back to church. There are a lot of members that were going regularly a few years ago (some of them former bishops, counselors, and others with callings) that stopped going for reasons that they don´t know and us tampoco. But we currently have investigators that have baptismal dates so that´s pretty exciting! Also this week is going to be a little wacky....we have p-day today, p-day again on Friday and transfers on a Saturday (due to that the president has a meeting to go to for all the mission presidents) I´m not really sure what´s going to happen as far as transfers go, but i´ll keep ya posted.
As far as holidays go here, it seems like there´s a holiday every 2 weeks or so....but i never really know what it is haha....people just say "it´s a holiday today" just to take an extra day of work off...my personal opinion. Haha, but we did have mother´s day a couple of weeks ago which was really nicely celebrated. All of the mother´s received flowers at church, just like home, which i thought was really special. One sad observance that i´m not looking too much forward too is the absence of THANKSGIVING :( obviously not celebrated down here, but i may or not be celebrating it alone with my companion spending a ridiculous amount of pesos on food that could possibly go in the "it´s-not-turkey-but-its-still-meat-and-other-food-to-improvise-thanksgiving-tradition" category. yay.
Now turning the time over to weather: the sun is hot, now preparing for extreme heat conditions. The climate is still bearable but slowly drifting downhill. I´m still really white, unprepared, and i will most likely be scorched according to local weather enthusiasts. I was thinking of maybe using sunscreen or a nice sunshade of some sorts....but i think i´ll just go "man status" and brave the heat straight on. should be a fun ride.
Anyways, i want to thank everyone from the family who sent me pictures this week!! of the newborns and the wedding of Savannah as well! thank you!
Also this past Sunday, my companion has a real knack for singing in Sunday......so we got up in front of everyone during sacrament meeting, not having practiced before and just relying completely on "winging it"....anyway, we were singing the Spirit of God and when we got to the chorus of the second verse, Elder Tague decides all of a sudden to give me a "grand solo" so i just sang the chorus solo style and it wasn´t exactly pleasing to my ears so i can´t imagine it wasn´t anything greater than terrible for the congregation. Singing FAIL. :)
My testimony has been growing so much out here and i´m loving every week that i have to serve the Lord. I can´t believe how fast time continues to go by, and it´s hard to grasp onto, but i´m trying to make the most out of it and rely completely on the Savior to do what he would have me do. I´ve really been continually having to be humbled in order to be a faithful servant of the Lord, something that has been so hard, but the blessings always come if we continue to do what we are supposed to, even when times get rough. God knows us better than we know ourselves.
I hope that everything continues to go well for you all. I love you all so much and it seems like everything is consistently changing from when i left! Haha but i guess ´change´ is the only constant thing about life right? Thank you for your prayers and support. I know that this is the Lords work and have gained the sincere testimony that i never chose to serve a mission, but have been called by him to serve him (3 nefi 5:13)
Elder Winger

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