Thursday, November 24, 2011

Weird transfer changes! 11/14/2011 Week 39 & 40

hey family!

Well, I made it safe and sound to my area here in Villa Gobernador Galvez! It´s been quite an adventurous first week and I¨m excited to do some work here. My companion Elder Waid is a cool cat. He´s from Arkansas. I keep getting companions from all the weird states (New Hampshire, Arkansas, etc....) haha just kidding, but we get along well. When I got here, I soon came to realize that the area was somewhat "dead" aka, 0 investigators haha. But, we quickly got to work, and we have a lady named Belén, that is a reference from one of the recent converts in our area, that we gave a baptismal date for the third of December, so we are hoping that all works out. On another note, the ward is quite large here! There were 80 people there yesterday! But, the number that need help to be reactivated is quite astonishing....there are 450 members in my ward. 80 attending. bring it on. I'm overly joyous (weird mood) to serve the people here, and we´ve been continually blessed by the Lord.
Right now i´m living in a four-man apartment with Elders Hernandez from St. George and Elder Nuñez from Chile, and we´ve had just a blast so far.
As far as my area goes, I love it. Plenty of dirt roads and people to talk to, my prime conditions :) . As far as the work continues, we´ve had some really powerful lessons this week with Belén and a couple of other people as well. We are teaching a man named David, who´s living with a lady who is a member but less active, and he really has the desire to be baptized and be with his family forever, so we are currently working on trying to get them married hopefully within the next month or so.
Experience of the Day: Where we currently are is really close to the Monumento de la bandera (Argentina Flag monument) so we decided to go visit it today for p-day, and also do some street shopping . As we were walking, suddenly this monstrous parade of people starting coming down the street, screaming, playing instruments, the real deal. But they were all dressed up in crazy costumed! Everything from egyptians to wizards, dragonball z characters to fluffy orange pillows (i think?) but it was pretty wild, there were like 200 people probably. Anyway, after narrowly escaping their stampede, we continued our journey to the monument. The monument was really cool! All of the things are being to "wear away" but it was a cool site, i´ll try to send some pictures.

Anyway, the work is going well, and i´m glad to hear that everyone is doing excellent back home. Have an amazing week, i love you!

Elder Winger

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