Monday, April 25, 2011

hey fam! 0‏ 4/25/11 Week 12


Hey fam!  thank you all so much for the emails that i have recieved.  Right now i have 6 mozilla fox windows open, 5 of them so i can send pictures (cuz it´s SUPER slow and i can only fit 5 per email), so hopefully i´ll at least get a few to you by the time this hour is up.  I haven´t had a chance to really look at your emails thoroughly yet, so i might have to reply to them next week or something, since i only get an hour on here.  Anyway, this week was good!  still adjusting to the work and the language, but it´s been a great experience.  The language is coming along....better.  It´s still super hard for me to communicate with the people, but i haven´t been doing the best at opening my mouth and talking either.  so, i´m definitely going to step it up this week and talk to people more, even though i can´t understand all they´re saying haha.  It´s been a super humbling experience being here and it´s helped me realize just how much i rely on the Lord for everything in my life.  I know he´s taking care of you and me and it´s such a blessing.  So, we have 2 baptisms coming up on Saturday so that´s exciting!  i´ll let you know how that goes,  also, maybe some things i forgot to mention in hte last letter......they have some stuff down here called Dulce de Leche and it´s pretty much the best!  it´s like caramel.....but not haha, but i could eat it on everything its amazing!  also, alfajores are super good too.  They are a type of cookie down here that are way good.  Also, i didn´t mention all the dogs i don´t think.  Dogs are everywhere here haha, they just live in the streets...almost more dogs than people.  luckily they are all pretty nice, but maybe i´ve just been lucky enough not to meet a mean one...yet.  Also, the rumors about having good fruit down here are definitely true.  They have really good produce here.....i haven´t really eaten many vegetables cuz i can´t cook, but i like the apples and bananas!  anyway.......oh, so when i got to the mission home last week, they handed me a stack of Dear Elders that were from the beginning of being in the MTC.  So i had letters from Nate, Mom, Tiffani, Dad, and Casey that I shouldve read like the 2nd week i was in the Mtc haha, so sorry that i didn´t respond to those.  but yeah, we went shopping today in a part of the city that´s kind of like an outdoor mall.  I didn´t buy anything, cuz there wasn´t that great of deals.  They had some awesome soccer jerseys of Argentina though, but i thought i would wait a little while longer before i started buying stuff so that it can last until i get home.  Also, mom, i am sending pictures of a pair of scripture covers that a guy does in our neighborhood!  they are really awesome!  they are about 80 pesos a piece, which you can divide by 4 i think to get the american dollar amount.  But i know that´s what you wanted, so I´ll just pick out some pictures for you....unless you want something specific, then let me know.  What does everyone else want as far as souvenirs go? just in case i see it, i might as well get it haha.  Anyway, i hope everything is going fabulous there!  i love you all so much and i miss you a ton, but i know this is where the Lord needs me.  I have never been more stretched to my limit than now, but i know the Lord sometimes brings us down so he can lift us higher.  i testify this is his work and this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  He lives.  I´ll talk to you all soon, and we´ll get to talk on Mothers Day next month!  once again, sorry i haven´t responded to your emails yet.  But anyway, i pray for you all the time, hope all is well.  Ciao fam!!!

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