Tuesday, May 3, 2011

¿que tal? 0‏5/02/11 Week 13

Hey everyone!

So once again, i was only able to skim some of your emails, so hopefully i can answer to some of the things you said ha ha. First off, i want to ask for some things to add to the things that Preston and Katie are going to bring :) i ask for a lot i know. but i need an adapter so that i can charge stuff, the set that i have doesn´t work.  The plugs are shaped with two holes side by side.....i´m not sure how to describe it ha, but maybe ask Preston what kind i need. if i find it here to buy within the next week i will just buy one.  an elder in my pension has one that's called Travel Safe that works perfectly, so look into that. thanks!  also, i´d like pictures of you family!  everyone asks if i have one, i say no, and tell them my family doesn´t love me enough ;)  but yeah, it would be great to get some photos!.  what else....oh, i´d love some more of those little pictures of the Jesus Christ picture that Traci Douglass drew!  i love that picture ha, and i´d love to give it to people that i meet on my mission.  also, i didn´t bring my Spanish textbook from the MTC to learn the language because i didn´t have room....so i might need one so i can learn this language ha ha.  the one that's really good is called The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice.  also, it might be sweet to find a book of Spanish verbs with the conjugations.  what else.....oh, maybe the book Way to Be by Gordon B. Hinckley or a similar book to read.  I could use a uplifting boost in the mornings, cuz sometimes i´m a grouch :)  anyway, that should be all, make sure to pack some love into that package too k_?  anyway, this week went by fast!  do i understand when people talk? hardly.  but i´m having a great time and just working my hardest everyday.  unfortunately, we weren´t able to have the 2 baptisms for Cristian and Eojenia (don´t know how to spell it) on Saturday because he had work...bleh.  But, they got married on Friday and i was able to attend that!!  it was a civil wedding, so it was just in a little room and there were 10 of us there or so....and some lady blabbered on about marriage for a while, while the couple sat in front of her desk...i didn´t really pick up on everything said, but suddenly they started signing papers and we all cheered and clapped like it was cinco de mayo.  it was enjoyable.  so, hopefully the pictures that i want to send of them will upload in time.  anyway, their family is way awesome and nice!  they have 4 kids that are just precious.  so anyway, they have their fjkldsajfd don´t remember.....interview! today for baptism and we should be baptizing them tomorrow.  I´m super excited and it will be an amazing experience.  A couple of days ago there was a baptism for a chica in the ward that was turning 8, so we went to that too and i was able to participate in the confirmation, which was a very powerful experience. fun fact of the week : caballos de basura.  garbage horses.  So , twice a week the garbage gets picked up and i was always wondering who picked it up.....i found the answer.  they have these carriage things that someone rides around and collects it all!  you have to be here to witness it, i like it.  Anyway, this week was full of quite a few fun and crazy experiences, but i´m too lazy to type them...so i´ll show you them when i get home, cuz i write them in my journal :) everyday:)  anyway, i´m finally starting to get used to things here, except being able to talk to people without sounding like a stuttering stanley, but it´s fun.  a couple more funny things is that my name gets pronounced like a million different ways here, so whenever someone makes an attempt at it, i just say perfecto!  ha ha like winher, winjer, william.....yep. william haha.  also, its funny to see how much American influence there is down here.  everyone wears shirts that have English on them and have no idea what they mean haha.  also, we were visiting a member family the other day and one of the girls brought out a poster of Hannah Montana and i almost puked.  anyway, people always ask if i know famous actors......and one family yesterday called me Dennis the menace.  i stick out like a sore thumb being the gringo of the streets, but maybe it helps me be more interesting to talk to?  anyway, i know that this church is the true church of God.  it is an amazing thing to see the spirit literally work inside of someone, help someone pray for the first time, and to bear testimony of our savior Jesus Christ everyday.  one thing that my branch president in the mtc would say is Attitude defines Altitude, so i try to apply that every hour of the day.  this time is going to fly by, so I'm going to enjoy every second of it.....even the hard parts, and enjoy the humbling, honoring experience of being a representative of Jesus Christ.  love ya fam and friend!! thanks for all the support and emails.  can´t wait to talk to you next Sunday!! our phone number is 435 563 4102 ? hope so haha.  anyway, CIAO!!!! 
PS.you sold my car? didn´t get to kiss it goodbye :( haha just kidding, but the scripture for the week is Mosiah 5:8. All blessings come through obedience.

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