Monday, May 16, 2011

familia! 0‏ 5/16/11 Week 15

hola otra vez!

Estoy muy animado por este oportunidad  que yo tengo para escribirles a ustedes otra vez!  Yo no puedo escribir....o hablar muy bien en castillano pero....estoy intentando jaja.

how´s everyone doing?  so.....i´m pretty sure that my Spanish above isn't all that great, but i´m trying my best haha.  hows everyone been this week?  it´s sounds like you've been doing pretty good from the emails that i´ve gotten!  first of all, i´m sorry to hear about the rain out? or whatever at health days.  but i´m sure it was a fun time anyway.  and i hope that you all had an amazing mothers day!  it would've been fun to be able to join you at grandmas to play some farkle and be with the family!  so a couple of events from the past week were pretty amazing...first one was last Tuesday i think, but me an Elder Tello were together for the day because we were doing companion exchanges, but as we were walking down the street, suddenly a man started yelling "hermanos hermanos" to us.  he came over to us, and i couldn´t completely catch everything that he said, but he said that he knew our church was true right off the bat.  he told us that 8 years ago he had a dream about 2 missionaries walking down the street, and then he ended up seeing two missionaries the very next day...but i guess he didn´t want to change until now or he didn´t act upon it? no se.  pero, by luck we were right next to a church, so we decided to teach him a little bit inside.  we taught him the first lesson, gave him a book of mormon, and set a baptism date for him 10 days later haha.  he totally loved everything we told him and he already knew most of the doctrine.  anyway, it was really a testimony builder that the Lord is constantly preparing people for us to teach!  anyway, also this week an amazing thing happened......remember that story i told you about Eugenia and the kids?  Well, on Thursday Cristian, the dad, was baptized!!!!!! He went back to the house and they figured things out! so now they are back together with the kids and all, and he was baptized this past week.  Then yesterday, both of them were confirmed in church!  it was an amazing experience to say the least ha. anyway, today has been a fun p-day!  this morning we went and visited the colon cancha, the big soccer team of this area, and we got to walk around inside the stadium and stuff and take some pictures.  our ward mission leader works construction there, so that's how we were able to get in haha.  but it was way cool.  as far as pictures go, i haven´t been able to make a cd yet......but i´ll try to get one made before Katie and Preston come.  maybe a couple more things to add to the package...if possible.....haha sorry!  maybe some more contacts?  i wore some for the first time today, and i might want more than two months worth.  plus i hear that it´s actually safer to wear them here versus glasses.....cuz someone might come and punch you in the face and break them just because. i´ve heard of it happening haha.  so i don´t really want to be blind for 21 months, so if its possible to get more of those that would be great.  anyway, also today i got to play futbol for the first time!!  we played with some other people in our zone and it was way fun!  we just played at the church, but we play on cement instead of grass.  while we were there, some random guy started talking to us through the English!  his name was Austin Dent from Kaysville, and he´s here to do some schooling with the university of Utah. anyway, he got here last night and doesn´t know hardly any Spanish....anyway, he needed to find a different place to live and we were able to help him out.  but it was fun to speak in a language that i can actually talk in :).  i also got to test out some translation skills and communicate with him and the elders.  anyway, everything is going good here!  i´ve really had a humbling experience since i´ve been here and i love the people, language, and the work.  I have a ton to learn still, but i´m doing my best everyday.  I'm starting to fit in here and just doing what i can to help out the wonderful people here in any way i can, sharing the gospel, or simply giving acts of service.  I hope that you are all doing well, and I'm so glad that i got to here from you once again this week.  and i agree that it was a real treat to be able to talk to you last week!  anyway, i can´t really think of much else to tell you except that i love you!  i pray for you everyday, and i´m so grateful for your prayers as well cuz i´ve definitely been receiving blessings from them.  my scripture for you this week is one that i´m sure your familiar with Mosiah 4:27.  it says "and see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength.  And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order. i´ve really been able to apply this in my life out here, and i wish i would've applied it more before my mission ha.  We all have a lot of things to do throughout each day, and sometimes we try to cram them with so many things that eventually we get stressed out or we end up doing the things that maybe weren´t the most important.  King Benjamin counsels us here to do things in wisdom and order. Time never stops, so its important that we utilize this time effectively, being focused on the things that are most important.  the gospel of Jesus Christ can help us in all aspects of our lives, and i´ve started to realize that.  in a hectic world today where everything is go go go, remember the words of nephi in 2 nefi 31:3 my soul delighteth in plainness, for after this manner doth the lord god work among the children of men.  as we focus on the things most important in our lives, let us continually have our eyes and heart on the savior and do his will.  this is the manner by which we can receive happiness and peace in our lives.  don´t run faster than you have strength, but look to the Lord and walk with him.  ha, i hope that maybe this can help you out a tiny bit....just been on my mind today.  but i wish i could share scriptures and my feelings like this in Spanish hahaha :)  i´m just having a grand old time, trying to be the missionary that the Lord wants me to become now, and the person that he wants me to become for eternity.  i love you so much family, and i´m so grateful for this gospel that you´ve raised our family upon.  The Lord lives, and this is his Gospel.  Anyway, i want to hear more stories about how you all are doing back home and about the rest of the fam!! oh, and i can´t wait to hear about the our new members of the family (hijos de Nate y Shantra y Kari y Casey)  in the coming months!  love you all, and hope to hear from youi again soon!

Yo espero que ustedes tendran una semana buenisima! Con Amor! Dios Vive!

-Elder Winger

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