Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hey fam! 05/24/11 Week 16

Thank you so much for all of the emails and updates that I have received!  I´m so glad that everyone is doing so well!  Thanks mom for getting all of that stuff together to Katie and Preston to bring down here.  I´m bummed they aren´t able to come visit, but oh well!  So, today is Tuesday...not Monday.  Sorry for the confusion that this may have caused, but when we have transfers the schedule changes a little bit.  Yesterday morning at 5 AM my companion Elder Techeira "Died".  He´s off to see his fam in Uruguay!  It´s crazy how fast my first transfer went, but i´ve definitely learned SO much over the past 6 weeks, especially humility and patience ha.  I have been in a trio for the last couple of days with the other Elders in my pension Elder Tello and Elder Pixton.  It has been a great time!  They are closing the area of those Elders after this transfer, so we spent all of yesterday basically saying goodbye to members and investigators.  Anyway, i found out who my next companion is going to be and where i´m going......I´m staying in Parque Del Sur with Elder Pixton as my companion!  I´m super excited ha, we get along very well!  He´s been out for a year and a month now i believe and he´s from Sandy, Utah.  I´m super excited to get to work with him starting tomorrow, and we are really going to hit the pavement!  Anyway, Elder Tello is going to another part of the mission, so it will be only me and Elder Pixton living in our 4 man pension, so we definitely are spoiled with space ha.  Anyway, this week has flown by, but a couple of the highlights were, first of all i had my first zone conference! I got to see the president again and about 35 missionaries or so that are in our area.  Including Elder Stromberg from the MTC, and he´s doing well.  I also met up with Elder Petersen from North Logan!  He graduated in 08 at Sky View and was really good friends with Nate Heaps and some other people, so I knew him at least a little.  He´s a way nice guy, and he just finished his mission as well, so he should be getting home probably today or tomorrow.  If you somehow run into him....tell him hello for me! Also this week, I had lunch at a members house and the mom....oh my, reminds me of Alison Henriksen exactly!  She´s soooo funny and super happy all the time!  The only difference between her and Alison is that she speaks spanish haha.  Anyway, thought you might to hear that...for some reason.  Also, i was riding in a taxi the other day...and the driver was around 23 years old i would guess and looked like a hardcore type of guy if you know what i mean....but when we got in the taxi, he was listening to Shania Twain haha.  What else.....oh, the spanish has really been picking up this week!  I´m so grateful to Heavenly Father because he has definitely been aiding me.  I wouldn´t say i´m a good spanish speaker by ANY means, but i´ve definitely been so grateful for the gift of tongues and all that i´m able to understand and say.  Anyway, things are going absolutely amazing here and I´m having an amazing experience serving the Lord.  Also, Riley Reeder wrote me an email this week, and I want to answer his questions before he leaves!  Will you tell him that I absolutely LOVE Argentina!  The MTC was an absolutely amazing experience, but I must say the field is even more so!  Will you also let him know that I´m in Parque Del Sur in Santa Fe, his dad wanted to know where i´m serving right now.  I´m so grateful for all my friends that are serving and that are preparing for service, ¡CAPOS! I have never made a greater decision or been given a greater opportunity than to serve a mission.  We work hard everyday, and it´s not easy by any means, but the blessings have been spectacular and i hope that I can follow the spirit at every moment so that I can be lead to those that the Lord has prepared.  This week, in the area of Elder Tello and Elder Pixton, one of the members children was playing around the stove and spilled Scolding water all over themself.  I'm not sure of the age, but the burns are quite gruesome from what I´ve heard.  Anyway, we visited him yesterday and shared with him a scripture that i´d like to share with you.  If there´s anyone that´s having a difficulty in life right now, i hope this scripture can help you find comfort and strength!  It´s 2Corinthians 12:9-10.  I absolutely love it.  It´s in the moments that we are weak, that because of our Savior we can be made strong.  Anyway, it´s good to hear that Nate and Shan love their new apartment!  I´m so excited for them and their child!  and Casey and Kari as well, that is such a blessing, and i can´t wait to see them one day ha.  Also, i´m excited to hear how the Mount Rushmore trip goes, that would definitely be an amazing sight to see!  Once again, I want to thank you all family and friends for your support and prayers.  I testify that this Church is the kingdom of God on the Earth and it was restored through the prophet Jose Smith.  My eyes have been opened to just how important this message is that we share.  Every person that we pass on the street is a child of God that made the decision to come to this earth to be tested.  I´ve realized how urgent it is to share this message because unless a person can accept our message, they are not able to receive Eternal Life.  There´s no other way but through Christ and his Gospel. What a blessing to be a member of the church!!!  Thank you so much everyone for your examples to me and for all that you do.  I pray for you constantly and I pray that you will continue to find joy in your life everyday!  Keep me updated on things at home and how you are all doing, because I´m not really a fan of being out of the loop.....even if i am on a different Continent.  Love you all!  Take care this week!  Tenga un buen dia!  ¡LES AMO!

Elder Winger

p.s.  to my friends that have written letters.....i´m trying to make time!  i´ll get you a letter ASAP!

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