Monday, May 30, 2011

FAMILIA! 0‏ 5/30/11 Week17

¡Hola! como estan? The accent button on this computer is i hope you understood that first little bit haha.  Anyway, how's everyone doing?  it was so good to read your emails for the week!  I'm SO EXCITED that Casey and Kari are going to have a little boy!! ¡¡¡QUE LINDO!!!!  !No puedo creerlo¡  I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing well!  this past week absolutely flew bye, so fast actually that i can't really remember much that happened....but i'll try ja.  I was able to talk with Katie on the phone this week and that was way fun!  she said she was loving Argentina, so i was glad to hear that and to hear that Preston and her made it safe.  I'm not really sure when i will get the could take up to 2 and a half months ha, cuz they usually bring mail to us when we have zone conference....which is every 3 months!  but it could be sooner, not sure ja.  Anyway, I'll keep you posted on that and thank you so much for all the stuff you sent.  That's also awesome mom that you were able to talk with Elder Smarts mom this week!  I miss Elder Smart ja es un caposo. And yes, he is serving in Federal, but that is in another zone then me, so i wasn't able to see him at zone conference.  maybe sometime later on tho i will.  Anyway, Tiffani, felicitaciones on your choice to be a nurse!  That's so awesome! How long is the program for that? Anyway, not so much this week to report.  We have done tons of walking this past week because a lot of the appointments that we had set up fodged us....which means they weren't there ja, and it was just a little harder this week to find people that were interested in our message, definitely depressing.  but the work pushes forward and i have received so many blessings everyday!  I absolutely love the people here and i hope that I can continue growing in the desire to help them come unto the Savior.  One of our investigators, the Vasquez family, is really amazing!  The dad is evangelist, but he is absolutely loving the things that we are teaching him.  He has always believed that Christ visited the Americas and most of the things that we have taught him, especially the Plan of Salvation, he already believed and he told us as we were teaching him "it feels like I've heard all of this before..."  jaja talk about wow!  I hope that we can continue to help him progress and that him and his family can come to receive the many blessings of the gospel.  Also this past Sunday, if you remember Cristian, he received the Priesthood!  It was awesome!!  Anyway, I cant really think of anything else super exciting that happened that you'd love to hear, but i had a great week. The Spanish has kind of slowed down as far as learning goes, since i have an American companion now ha, but I'm still working hard to improve everyday. My scripture for you this week is Juan 7:17.  When we do the will of the father, we come to know him.  I can't describe how much closer i have grown to my Father in Heaven and Jesucristo over the past few months, but its been the most miraculous experience.  I've really had my eyes opened to just how miraculous the most simplest of doctrine is.  To think that we literally lived with God before we came to this earth and that he has given us the opportunity to become like him.  i couldn't express enough gratitude to him and for the blessings that he rains upon me everyday.  He has given me way more than i deserve, and i hope that i can somehow show my love and gratitude for him as i do the things that he has called me to do and labor among this people.  God lives.  He loves us so much that he sent his only Begotten son, Jesucristo to the earth to redeem us from our own errores and sins.  Jesucristo, nuestro hermano, voluntarily took upon him the sins and pruebas of every child of God so that we could return to the Heavenly Kingdom. I know that God and Jesucristo live and love all of their children.  As it says in Mosiah 28:3, I've really been coming to realize more so just how important this message is to every person.  I hope i can be the Lord's instrument as i continue to labor, for it truly is a trembling thought to imagine someone not returning to live with him.  Thank you so much family once again for giving me this opportunity.  Es un pensamiento fantistico que podamos vivir como una familia por eternidad!  I love you all and your all in my prayers everyday family and friends.  Continue on! has lo justo!  Men truly are that they might have joy.

Espero que ustedes se tengan una semana maravillosa,

Elder Winger

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