Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good Morning! 0‏ 6/06/11 Week 18


Hello.  It´s so good to hear that everyone is doing well!  Except mom....I'm super sorry about the pink eye, that's definitely a bummer.  but i´m glad to hear that it´s getting better.  I´m also super excited to hear that you all are getting prepared to go to Orlando this week!  Que Cosa!  that surely going to be a blast!  You´ll have to email me some pictures of the trip.  This week for me was good, but a little slow as far as the work goes.  We continue to work hard everyday, but some days are just contact after contact, and lots of walking, but i know that as i push through these days with an upbeat attitude, looking for those prepared, the Lord will bless us with the opportunity to help his children.  This week has been a little crazy!  Last Wednesday my companion had to suddenly go to Buenos Aires to renew his Visa, so I got a new companion for the rest of the day.  His name was Elder Luna from Mexico.  We got along super well, and i think he was exactly what i needed at this time.  Someone who didn´t speak any English haha.  But I want to tell you a little about Elder Luna, even tho i knew him for only a day, he was such an inspiration to me and an example.  Elder Luna has been in the field for 9 months.  He had been a member of the church for exactly 1 year when he entered the MTC.  pretty crazy huh?  Also, he is the only member of the church in his family and he lived with his 104 year old great grandma before he came.  Random yes, but crucial info ;).  Anyway, when i asked how his family was doing, he said he didn´t really know.....his family doesn´t really email him all that often, and his mother refuses to talk to him.  He hears sometimes from one of his 5 sisters, but that's it.  But this Elder had no doubt for why he was here in the field and he kept that attitude of hope always.  I know when he bore his testimony, to me and investigators, he meant every word of it.  He was an amazing Elder and I´m so grateful for the opportunity i had to serve with him and meet him.  He also helped me a lot with Spanish haha.  Anyway, that was one of my amazing experiences this week.  After Elder Pixton returned, we had divisions (Thursday afternoon) where I served with an Elder from Honduras/Guatemala.  His name is Elder Argueta, and he speaks very good English, and knows more English slang than i do haha.  He was awesome to work with to, and he´s only in his 3rd transfer, so we had a good time as you can imagine haha. He is exactly like Mason Cardon, Latin-edition.  If you get a chance to talk to Kylie or someone in her family, mention this to them haha.  He was so funny, and it was a great experience working hard with him.  Anyway, we were able to find some new investigators this week, and i´m hoping that we can continue to help them progress.  Also, to answer Dad´s question, we do more contacting then we do with referrals.  It´s really hard to get referrals from the members in the area, and i´m not exactly sure why.....maybe i just need to do a little more sweet-talking ;)  anyway, I hope that I´m doing the will of the Lord every moment that I'm here.  I trying my best to overcome my many faults and weaknesses so that God´s children can come to know the truth of their Father.  I´ve fallen on my face more than once, actually i´m probably on my face more than off of it, but I continue forward in the faith that this is God´s work.  God lives, and Jesus is the Christ. My scripture for you this week is in Alma 37:37.  It is a pretty common scripture i believe, but its really had an effect on me as I´ve applied it more throughout my mission.  It simply says, "Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good."  The Lord knows each and every one of us more personally than we know ourselves.  The will of him is for us to be happy and return to live with our Father, which is the reason he gave everything of himself for us when performing the atonement.  If we can simply take the time every morning, every night, and go to him for all of our questions, decision making, and gratitude, he will direct us into a far more glorious path than we could ever pave ourselves.  Entonces, I hope that this can help you.  It has helped me so much to be able to kneel before our Father and ask him for guidance and direction.  I receive blessings every moment, and I know he answers my prayers.  I love you so much family and friends, for your love, support, and prayers. I assure you that I´m receiving them, more abundantly than i could ever deserve.  The work of the Lord presses forward, and I hope that each of us can continue to shape our loves to conform with the attributes our Savior gave through example.  These are the Last Days!  If you see an opportunity to serve or share the gospel, do it! Everyone needs it :)  Have a great week, and if you read this far through the letter, here´s an A+ for dedicated reading through my boring rambling.  ¡Cuidense! ¡Les amo! ¡Tengan una semana linda!

Con Amor al fin de semana ocho en Argentina,

Elder Winger

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