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and the times keep flying 06/20/11 ‏Week 20

Hola familia,

¿Cómo anda?  How´s everyone been doing this week??  I hope that you´ve all been having a blast in Florida, and if you find the time I would love to hear all about it!  It´s crazy that I´m already writing another email, the time just never slows down.  Anyway, this week was pretty good!  We´ve been teaching a girl named Milagros that is 15 years old, and shes going to be baptized on the 2nd of July, and I´ll keep you updated on that.  Also, to Dad, I want to wish you un Feliz día del Padre!!!  It was Fathers day yesterday in Argentina, and I wasn´t sure if its the same day there as well....but Happy Fathers Day!  I hope it was amazing, and I would´ve given you a big hug if I could, but I guess this will have to do ha.  Did you all do anything fun for the holiday?  Also dad, I want to wish you a very very very Feliz Cumple!  Happy birthday Pops!!  ¡the big 50! Your life is only a 1/4 of the way done +   ha, yes.  Hope you have a amazing one.  So, as I´ve been reading my Patriarchal Blessing and praying for guidance within, I´ve been impressed to ask you Mom and Dad more about your pasts.  I wish I knew more about your childhoods and life growing up, and more about things like that.  So, if you find time, I´d love to receive a little blurb about your lives growing up, activity in the church, memories, etc.  I know I should´ve asked more about things like this a long time ago, but I´m asking now.  Thanks mom and dad.  Anyway, I´ve really been figuring out who I am the last 10 weeks.  As I continue to study the words of God and given the opportunity to teach the message of the Restoration, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Plan of God for us has really been brought into a new life.  My testimony has grown exponentially and I feel like I took a lot of the blessings of home, the church, friends, and the simple blessing of the gospel in my life for granted on occasions.  I´m so grateful for all that God´s given me and for putting me into the family that I´m in.  I have the best family in the whole world and I can´t imagine spending any less time then eternity with you.  Anyway, my blurb for you this week has to do with "Quality of Life", something that I´ve found fascinating and I´ve been thinking a lot about. There´s an amazing portion in "Our Search for Happiness" that Elder M. Russell Ballard talks about how our choices affect our Quality of Life "The Quality of our Lives.  It´s an interesting phrase.  I suspect most people think of this concept  in terms of the comforts and conveniences they enjoy.  But I prefer to think that the quality of our lives has more to do with substance than style.  A quality life is one that positively influences others and makes the world around it a better place in which to live.  A quality life is one that is constantly growing, expanding its horizons and enlarging its borders.  A quality life is one that is filled with love and loyalty, patience and perseverance, kindness and compassion.  A quality life is one that is based on eternal potential and not confined to this life only.  A quality life is a life well-lived."  It seems like the days fly by faster and faster, like a blur.  For me, I´ve recognized that it´s important to fill our lives with the wholesome things that are going to transform us.  Every minute matters, and it´s our choice on how we use all of them.  I know that if we fill our lives with these wonderful things,  using our time helping others achieve a better quality of life, we will be blessed.  This life is for us to be happy, to learn and progress.  I know that Jesus Christ set the perfect example for us.  And as we study his teachings in the scriptures and strive to live in the manner that he did, we will receive more joy in this life than we could ever imagine by ourselves.  And overall, as we prepare in this life for eternal life, to become like God, we have the atoning sacrifice of our Savior to lift us from our own weaknesses.  I testify that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and how glorious the day will be when he comes again, and we can stand before him and know that we did our best.  That we made our life a quality one.   This is my thought for you this week, enjoy every minute of life and always give gratitude to our Father in Heaven. 
In other news, the Spanish is still coming along!!  I absolutely love the language, and I´ve been so blessed for how much I´ve learned!  It´s quite the task, but i love a good challenge ha.  Also, yesterday we went to a conference that was for all of the Young men and Young women yesterday, where Elder Aliaud (or something) from the area 70 came and talked.  He gave some amazing guidance, and i especially enjoyed the parts i could understand ;).  Then, all of the missionaries from Santa Fe and Santa Fe Norte walked to the front of the chapel and sang Called to Serve.  It was amazing ha.  Then, Presidente Villalba and his wife gave their testimonies, since they only have 2 weeks or so left in the mission as President.  I was able to give Presidente Villalba a hug after, and the first thing he said to me was "¿un poco mas gorditoto no?  yes, you read it right.  I have been called fat.  My face is apparently puggifying.  Maybe when i come home I can be the official mascot for "Pudgie´s Lucky Buck" hahaha.  Anyway, i also got it mentioned by another, there´s my first experiences of getting called fat. twice. :)  haha que seol.  Anyway,  i am still having an amazing time here!  Just doing my best and trying to overcome my many weaknesses to serve the Lord.  I testify that he lives, and I know this is where I need to be.  Hope to hear at least a little from you all soon!  I need a little more to read during this hour so that I don´t spend the whole time typing ridiculously long emails that nobody wants to read because you all have lives to live.  Anyway, love you all!! ¡MUCHISIMO GRACIAS POR TODO!  ¡BESOS POR TODO USTEDES!

Con Amor,

Elder Winger

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