Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WOOOOOOT ‏ 09/12/2011 Week 31

Hello everyone!

Another week has passed us by! It´s crazy that I just passed my 7
month mark!! The first exciting thing, yet not so super exciting
thing, that I want to mention is that I just finished my first journal
a few days ago! Over 200+ pages of
Jaja, but yeah, its pretty crazy to be able to flip through it and see
just how many days i´ve been out here. It´s unreal. Anyways, here in
Parque del Sur we are still doin work. I had an amazing highlight of
the week this past week, but it soon became the lowlight of the week
as well...but i´ll explain it to you anyways. Last Sunday, a lady
came to church that we didn´t recognize with her granddaughter (and by
not recognizing them, we were, of course as missionaries "all over
that".) We found out that the lady was a less active that has now
decided to return to the church, and she brought her 14 year old
granddaughter, who´s assistance was the first. She wanted us to begin
coming by and teaching Milagros (which is her name). So we came by a
couple days later and taught them together. Milagros accepted a
baptismal date with no problems for the 17th of this month! (also
Elder Bryce´s birthday....he would want me to mention that). Anyways,
we were super stoked, and i even made her a cute little calendar to
mark her progress (which wasn´t so could have taken a 5
year old 5 minutes to do it to the same quality, and i ended up
spending over an hour.) anyway, we were still lacking being able to
talk with the actual parents of the girl, but the grandma said they
were AALLL GOOOD. So, we thought it was just going to be a beautiful
little dealio. To make a long story short, it turns out that the
parents were all so enthused. When we met with them finally before
teaching Milagros for the second time, they said they had no idea any
of this was even going on...and of course we missionaries were both
shocked. Anyway, the parents were really nice after we settled them
down a bit and it turns out that they just think she´s too young to be
baptized into the church (which the dad is an inactive), especially
when she´s going to catholic school, doing sports, school, and a bunch
of things to do every day. Anyway, it doesn´t look like she´s going
to be baptized now, but i think she will in the future definitely
because she really likes everything about the church. Anyway, God
will continue working with those that he has prepared. Not the most
exciting in story in the world, but it was an uppy downy adventure.

In other news, remember the baby that I told you about last week that
was in the hospital? I found out yesterday that she (or he) is
getting better! I was so happy! Also, a part-member family that we
have been teaching showed up to church on Sunday! Woo hoo for random

Anyways, everything is continuing to go well here in the Argentina. I
was not robbed this week, so that was a blessing as well :) . I´m
absolutely loving the work that I have been called to assist in, and
there´s no doubting that this church is his church.

My scripture for you this week is Moroni 10:30. (maybe even all of
Moroni 10, why not?) I was reading in the LIahona this week and it
was talking about the dangers of the Internet, music, and worldly
things where Satan is creeping in and polluting things that can be
great when used righteously. It´s important for us to stay focused on
good things and not on cosas impuras and to be careful! Anyways,
trashy stuff here is way too accessible to obtain here, and i find
myself always having to look down at the ground (which is a good idea
anyways to avoid jaggedy sidewalk that can trip me and dog poo),
because trashy entertainment is on almost every street corner and
every newsstand around. I know that as we remain faithful to the
covenants that we have made and always strive to be lights of the
world, the Lord will continue to guide us and bless us.
I know that God lives and that he is actively performing miracles
among his children everyday. He loves us and gives us much more than
we can every repay, but simply keeping the commandments and serving
our neighbors is what he asks of us.

Thanks for all of your support and for taking 5...or 10.....or 20
minutes (depending on your reading speed) in order to read this. I
continually pray for all of you, and I want you to know that I love
you all so much.

P.S. I'm glad you all had a great time at storytelling!!!!!!! BEST
THING EVER. And I´m definitely looking forward to hearing the good
news about the next baby :)

Love you all!

Elder Winger

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