Monday, August 29, 2011

Might be a little short...but i´ll keep it sweet ‏ 08/29/11 Week 30

Hello familia

So, I´d like to start out this email with an apology........i know this might be selfish of me, but i might not write a very long email today, just not really in the mood is all.  Plus, i know that you´ll all be able to save a little time if i keep ´er short.
Anyway, the work is continuing forth here in the marvelous Parque del Sur.  It´s crazy that I´ve been here for 4.5 months mas o menos here!  That´s like.....quite a long time!  haha, i´m still enjoying here, but at the same time it´ll be fun to leave eventually and see a little more of this country.  But, as the Lord has directed, my work continues on here :) .  This past week just has flown by, as they all do, but we had a zone conference!  I absolutely loved it, and it´s always a huge motivational boost.  One of the focuses of the conference was the Atonement, and we are going to be starting a mission wide study of it tomorrow.  I´m super excited!
So,  I forgot my journal today....and my memory isn´t all that hot without it haha, so i´ll clue you in on some of the adventures of the week that i can remember.  Yesterday, there was a huge soccer game between the two diehard rivals of Colón and Unión.  These two soccer clubs´ stadiums are only about 40 blocks from each other (colon´s stadium being in my area) and so everybody here is either a fan of Colón or Unión.  And the people here LOVE their soccer, so when i say fan, i mean it´s basically central in their lives haha.  Anyway, they both played each other yesterday for the first time in 8 years.  The game began at 2:30, and since we had church at 9 (which our church is only 3 blocks from the stadium) i thought we would miss all of the hype.....wrong.  During all of our meetings, there was drums banging outside, people screaming/singing (they were the same thing), and what sounded like literal bombs going off just outside the steel gates of our church.  It made our meetings a little interrupted, but overall was so good still.  We didn´t have too many people in church yesterday, probably around 35 or so, but i´m hoping it was due to the game and not due to inactivity.  It´s so hard to look at the list of members in this area, which i think there are at least 400 or so, and only seeing 50 that come.  We´ve been working hard lately on passing by less-actives, which many of our lessons go well, but the plague just seems to be getting to church for a lot of people.  But, we are continuing to work hard with them and try to reactivate those that we can. As far as baptisms go, we are still working with Zulema.  She has been super sick lately and it has impeded her from coming to church.  We have taught her everything that is necessary for baptism, and she has accepted it all....but the church attendance has been killing us.  We are praying she will get better soon, i know the Lord is taking care of her.  Also, this week Elder Bryce made a couple of goodies.....the first being carrot cake!  it was sooo good, i don´t know why i´m telling you about it.  If you feel like there´s a recipe for something that we would enjoy eating, please send it....because we are a little limited on our recipe options, since we don´t really have any haha.
Anyway, another spiritual experience that i would like to share with you is one that i had with a lady named Angelica.  I don´t really want to explain all of the details, so i´ll just cut to the chase.  We were talking with her and she was talking about how much she wants to change, how she misses her son (who not sure how long ago), how she has so many  and how she adored that we were Sons of a God caring his message.  I pondered that sentence after she said it, and replied "Angelica, I want you to know something...You are a daughter of God, and he loves you."  she then began crying.  I felt humbled at the moment, wondering how a simple sentence like that had such a big impact.  How blessed i have been in this world to know that God is my Father in Heaven and loves me may have been something that I didn´t realize was such a....mystery to many people i suppose.  The simple truths of the Gospel are so beautiful, so needed in the world of today.  anyway, i said that this email would be short, and it turned out being a little long.....sorry for lying at the beginning.  I´m glad to hear that all of you are doing well, that Tiffani is moved out (I miss you too hermana and I hope that your transition to "moving out" is so fun!  I know it might be a little hard at first, actually living on your own, but you´ll grow into it quickly!  probably quicker than me actually haha)-  and mom, I want to thank you for the package you´ll be sending. Im so excited!  and i´ll look for a battery charger here, no worries.  And dad, keep safe while your out and about working.  I´m excited to hear that you are all going to the Storytelling Festival this weekend!  JEALOUS!!   i expect quite the emails after alright?  Oh, and nate and casey and shantra and kari, i love you all too and hope all is well! anyway, gotta go, love you all! 

Elder Winger  (1 corinthians 10:13)

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