Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hello family! ‏ 08/16/11 Week 28


Well, first things first, I forgot to do the missionary newsletter for the last month mom, whoops ha.  But, maybe it would be better for you to just do it for me every month, and if i have time I´ll just send my own separate part as well. Thanks!  anyway, I found out this morning that I will be staying here in Parque del Sur for yet another transfer haha with Elder Bryce.  That´ll give me at least 6 months in this area, which is a long time but I still love it so its okay. One part of me wants to get out and see the rest of the country ya know? but the other half loves this area haha, but i know its the will of the Lord for me to continue serving among the people here and my work is not quite yet finished.  so Parque del Sur, watch out for 6 more weeks :)  This morning we did some deep deep cleaning in our apartment, and it still has a long ways to go haha.  Missionaries have lived in the pench that i´m living in for 6 years now, so you can only imagine what has happened to it :) .  Oh, and we continue finding black widows everyday!  I believe our apartment that now be classified as "infested" by now ha, pretty scary stuff.....but it adds to the experience.  Elder Bryce and I are still continuing to get along very well and i´m super stoked to have another transfer with him.  He has taught be so much about the work and my testimony has grown so much over the last transfer.  The only slightly bad thing is that my Spanish hasn´t been quite improving as rapidly this transfer......since we are both American and it´s more convenient to talk in English, but I´ve made goals to definitely focus on the Spanish much more even when just talking with him, and I know the Lord will help me continue learning and progressing. Not too much to report this week, but the work still continue to move forward :)  Our top investigador Zulema headed out of town over this past weekend, so we are still waiting to form a new date with her for her baptism, but she is still growing and progressing strong and I have no doubts that she will be baptized very soon.  so exciting!  Also mom, i´ll just tell you now before i forget, but i haven´t heard anything about the contacts yet.....i´m sure they will let me know when they arrive, and we have a zone conference in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully they´ll have them ready for me there.  Well, i don´t have a whole ton of time left, but I want you to all know that I love you so much and that this church is true!  One thing that i´ve been pondering this week is about the difference between faith and believing.  Faith is when we trust in the Lord completely, are willing to do whatever he asks of us to do and not rely upon our own wants in mortality.  Faith is striving to become like the Son of God and knowing that by his grace we can be saved.  Believing is simply an acknowledgment, not an action.  I´ve been uplifted so much by the power that this gospel has, and especially in the power of the Holy Scriptures.  If we just read the scriptures to learn about the Son of God, to increase our knowledge, this simply isn´t enough.  Studying the sciptures takes effort, pondering, and application!  I continue to love the power of the scriptures more and more everyday.  As we read in 1 Nefi 19:23, the profit and learning from the scriptures come from likening.  Anyway, that´s my little spiritual blurb for the week.....growth comes from studying the scriptures with the Holy Ghost (2Nefi 32:1-5).  I hope that you all have an amazing week and I want you to know that i love you all SO MUCH! 
Oh, and here´s my list for top 5 dogs of Parque del Sur
1.Skunk (because of its color, no worries)
2. Tripod (has 3 legs, moves like a champ)
3. Wingnut (he´s............crazy)
4. Blackey (Zulema´s dog. what´s not to love?)
5. uhh.....haven´t found a 5th favorite yet haha, most of them are little demons! chiste


Elder Winger

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