Sunday, August 7, 2011

roses are red, violets are blue, argentina and the work is great, here´s the letter ‏ 08/01/11 Week 26


How are you doing this wonderful day? I was so happy to receive the pictures from Shantra of Alena! She is absolutely beautiful and I´m super excited to hear the baby blessing was yesterday, so ill be eagerly waiting to see how that went. Also, from Tiffani´s letter it´s cool to hear how some of my old buddies are doing! Where is Curtis Norman going to? I´d like to keep in touch with him! Also, it´s sad to hear that Sean Bradley had to come home due to his back problems, but I hope that he´ll get back out very soon! Also, I do remember Jaxon and Travis, and I´m super happy to hear that they are both serving!
Anyways, some of the highlights of this week is that I finally got a package sent home to you today! I was going to send it last week, but we had a series of unfortunate events that prevented me from doing so (just imagine me and my companion in the pouring rain, short sleeve shirts, holding a soaking wet unmailed cardboard package, and walking into a kilbel (aka walmart-ish) and having 50 argentines staring at you) but now the package is sent :) The work is going well here in Parque del Sur and Elder Bryce are doing just fine together. We have a couple of baptisms for Guadalupe and Zulema that will be coming up on the 13th, but we will see if they pull through. We had a little bit of a speed bump with Zulema this week, when we visited her we found her smoking again. She has been going through a rough patch of life and smoking was the only way out she felt. But, after we were able to teach and help her, she willingly gave up the rest of her box of cigarettes! She such a strong lady and I have been greatly affected by her. So, that night, my companion and I spent the whole walk home tearing up cigarettes between our fingers. The work continues to move forth here and its such a privilege and honor to share the message of the gospel with these people. One topic of which my testimony has grown greatly this week is that the Lord always keeps his promises and will lead us to those people that he has prepared. There´s times when we have to endure through moments that seem like they may never end, or where it would just be easier to say, "you know what, i can´t do it" but I know that the Lord always blesses us for our righteous efforts. My companion and I had a long day yesterday where we just couldn't find any one to teach, all of our investigators were sick, and the weather wasn´t helping the mood haha. But, we pushed forward, and just when we thought we would head back to the apartment with a not so great day....we taught 3 lessons and found 4 new investigators in the last hour and a half of the days work. I´m having an absolute amazing experience here and I definitely believe I´ve learned more lessons than I could ever teach. This is the Lord´s work, and I know that he is preparing his people. The Lord´s Second Coming is nigh at hand, and we must all fortify our testimonies and show by our works that we are his Disciples. I´ve been continuing to read Jesus the Christ, and I so wish I would´ve read it before the mission, because I´ve learned so much about my Savior! I know that by studying his words, keeping the commandments of the Father, and striving to be like him is how we come to know him.(1 John 2:3-6). Before I part with my parting words haha, I´d like to share with you a list that I´ve gotten in the habit of looking at and pondering before I go to bed on how to become a better missionary and member of the church.

1. Be believing with desire single to the glory of God (1 Nefi 2:16)
2. Commit and discipline yourself totally in word and deed. (1 nefi 3:15)
3. Do all in your power to fulfill your part (James 2:22 - 1 nefi 9:23)
4. Pray as if all depended on the Lord (D&C 10:47)
5. Prepare for constant and intense trials of your faith. Tribulation is a refiner of faith (D&C 58:4)
6. Expect the Lord to perform according to his Holy will and your faith. The Lord will perform. (D&C 82:10)

Thanks for everything family, I love you all so much and I hope that you have another amazing week. Thank you for your prayers and encouraging words, they are being received :)

Weird sight of the week: Men that wear fanny packs as a shoulder bag strapped across their chest like a scout bandelo (or whatever) ........haha, weird.

Also, mom did you ever find the line of authority for the priesthood? and maybe if you could shop around and find the video : Joseph Smith- the prophet of the restoration, we would love to have a copy of that here! Gracias!

Elder Winger

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