Monday, August 22, 2011

oh, what a great and marvelous work it is ‏ 08/22/2011 Week29

Dear family,

Here we are on the 22nd of August, the sun is shining, some kind of Argentina holiday is going on today, and i´m enjoying yet another pday :) .  This past week went well, still working hard, and the weather is starting to warm up now (but it depends on the day).  As you can see in the first sentence, i said the "sun is shining", which is a miracle in itself, because it ALWAYS rains on p day!  The normal forecast here is sunny everyday, oh, except for p day, i´ll just rain on you.  Haha, but today is nice, and i´m hoping to maybe find some time to go play some soccer with my fellow elderes lader on.  One of the highlights, yet lowlights, of the week was that we got robbed again!  hahaha, but once again, with cunning craftiness and whits, we were able to retrieve all of our lost items.  We were in an area called Barrio Santa Rosa, walking down the road when a couple of boys walking towards us looked as if they were about to "jump us", so we turned the corner, but yet they caught up to us.  To make a long story shorter, they took our stuff, which we had nothing but scriptures and folletos, and they ran off.  But, we were determined to get our stuff back, because we´ve been running low on supplies lately ha. What ended up happening is we talked to a boy that we knew in the neighborhood and his buddies to see if they could possibly, and safely, retrieve our items from the boy, and after a few minutes, we were walking to one of our appointments when suddenly we heard "galloping" behind us.  A man on a horse rode up to us and hollered "follow me, i have retrieved your belongings!" (not a direct translation....but it was just like a movie haha)  and he began riding down the dirt road, beckoning us to run along after him.  After walking a block or so, we caught up to the "mysterious man" and beside him and his horse was a little boy and a bicycle, holding up our scripture cases like a trophy.  We retrieved them and headed out on our merry way. the end.   Also, yesterday we were able to give a couple of blessings to sisters in the ward.  I´m so grateful to be a priesthood holder of God and that he has trusted me with such an authority.  To be able to exercise the priesthood, sometimes in on-the-spot moments, has been such a blessing for me.  Anyway, it seems like everyday is a holiday here!  Everyday, as I'm sure i´ve already told you, there is what is called a "ciesta" where everything closes down between 1-4. and i mean everything.  It´s a national nap-time haha, ¿qué perezoso no?  But yesterday there was a big holiday called "Día del Niño" which is Children´s day. It was pretty big here, probably about the equivalent of mother´s day back home.  I´m not sure what people really did here for it besides "spend time with children in the park" and "somebody´s giving all the kids free toys".  it made it rough on the work because nobody was home, but it was a holiday nevertheless.  Hope you found all of that somewhat informative. 

One of my other special experiences of the week came on the 17th.  Sometimes at night, Elder Bryce and I run out of things that we have planned in the day with about half an hour before we go back to the apartment.  It´s always not the most productive when it happens because we end up knocking door to door in the dark, but it´s not always the most productive because people are "cautious here of letting people in their homes", which they should be ya know?  But anyway, we passed by a drunk man on the street and he began calling for us.  We went over to him, and with a box of wine in hand, asked us if he could have a bible.  We didn´t have any on us at the time, but decided to talk with him a little about the book of mormon.  We pulled it out and he began saying anxiously "that´s what i wanted, the book of mormon!"  it turned out that this man was a member of the church, but extremely in-active obviously.  We began talking with him and he was telling us of experiences that had caused his life to spiral out of control.  He´s a priesthood holder and wanted so badly to return to the church and get his life in order.  It was heart wrenching to see this priesthood holder in the state that he was.  but, he was so grateful to receive the book of mormon, and we are hoping that he´ll have the strength and the courage to turn his life around, rely on the Savior, and became active once again.  We didn´t have much time to talk with him, but as we bore testimony of repentance, the savior, and the priesthood authority that he has, his eyes shed a new light.  We left thereafter.  It was a powerful experience, and it boosted my testimony of the marvelous work that we are all a part of.

Anyways, i´m about out of time, but i love you all!  I´m doing my best out here to serve my Master with all my heart, might, mind, and strength.  And even though i have many weaknesses, the Lord is patient and will shower his blessings upon us if we but seek to follow him.  I know that he lives.  I know that angels are preparing those people that we are to find.  I know that we will come again in all his glory to redeem his people quickly.

My scripture for the week is D&C 107:99-100 talking about our callings and duties.  As priesthood holders, and members of the church, we all are given responsibilites and callings.  it is important for us to "learn out duties and act in all diligence." (reminds me of Uchtdors talk last conference) As I learn more about the gospel and the priesthood, I´m beginning to understand more and more about the duties of the priesthood and offices of the church and what God expects in each of us.  As we magnify our callings, the blessings shall be magnified as well. 

Thanks everyone for your support continually and for keeping in touch!  I love hearing from everyone when they get the chance to write me a little somethin somethin.  Hope everyone is doing well, and have a fantasticalmaravillasticallyawesomistico week.

con amor,

Elder Winger

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