Monday, August 8, 2011

6 months tomorrow! 08/08/11 Week 27

Dear family and friends and people,

4 score and 7 years ago (minus a few scores and years) i set sail for an adventure in the foreign land of Argentina.
O sea, 6 months ago tomorrow! It´s crazy how fast the time has been flying by! At this moment I see myself analyzing my progress and ask myself "have i really changed and/or made a difference here?" and I´d like to answer that simply with "yes" even though maybe i haven´t changed for the better?? haha chiste. But yeah, if you wouldn´t have reminded me that six months had gone by, i probably would´ve forgotten, so thanks. I am expecting the same kind of reminder for my birthday....Christmas.....flag day......the usuals. Anyways, another week has passed by here and i honestly have trouble remembering what happens from one day to the next let alone from week to here´s a few of the things that i hope have happened within the last 7 days. As far as the baptism for Zulema that should have been happening this week....looks like its a no-go. She unfortunately wasn´t able to make it to church yesterday, which it is required that investigators have a least 2 attendances, so we are going to have to postpone the date a little bit. We are now going to be shooting for the 20th of this month, pending that she is completely ready and it is the will of the Lord. I may not be in the area after this transfer (which ends a week from Wednesday) so I might not see her baptism, but will surely keep you posted on her progress :) She´s so amazing though. The last time we taught her, we came to the point to teach Tithing. And sometimes tithing is the one commitment that's a little harder for people to accept you know? But she accepted it with flying colors! Actually, I think she was surprised that it was only 10% haha, I think she was ready to go at least 90 ;) But as far as our other investigadores go, we are still pushing along. We´ve found a lot of new investigadores to teach and continuing to help them progress, but don´t really have anyone else with a baptismal date. Also, one morning earlier this week we were able to give 3 blessings to a few members. One was in the hospital after getting in a motorcycle accidente trying to dodge a dog, and the other 2 were just having difficulties at this moment in life. But it was such a privilege, as it always is, to give blessings to those in need. I´m so thankful to be a melchizidek priesthood holder and have such a sacred privilege. I´m still having an amazing time here serving with Elder Bryce and he has taught me SO much because I swear he knows everything. Haha its funny, because every morning when we begin comp study we share something that we learned from our personal study. And after I finish sharing what I learned (which is usually something simple cuz ya know....I´m not exactly a genius haha), he expands on the thing I learned and actually ends up teaching me something totally awesome. So yeah, I learn a lot from him. Did you know its illegal to have a border around your license plate in almost every state?
Anyway, also this week we didn´t really have any meals with we got to cook everyday! And i´ll tell you what, pasta is where it is at. It´s more cheap than everything else. tastes good. and you can mix it up with a variety of noodle types and sauces. So watch out, i officially have quite the noodle for my noodles. So yeah, my cooking skills right now consist of pastas, rice, and wonderful teas (palabra de sabidurĂ­a approved). But, I'm looking to expound on that for sure haha. Also mom, I have not yet received my contact lenses...........i´ll just keep waiting i guess. And in the package that you could be sending, please send syrup, fire cheetos, more ranch dressing, CANDY BARS :), peanut butter nature valley bars, and basically just awesome snacks, oh, and maybe a beanie to wear at night and p-day and stuff. anyway, thank you so much for all of your prayers, support, and updates! it´s so nice to come and read how everyones doing. Tell Savannah and Jake congratulations for me!!! And Shantra, I´m so sorry about the fire and my prayers are with you and your family. As far as the update with spanish, I'm improving everyday haha, i don´t really know how to describe my progress, but I love the language, the people, and the work. But i´m so grateful for all the blessings that the Lord has given me to be able to perform this work, it would be more than impossible for me to do anything without the Lord´s guidance and the fruits of the spirit. My mini spiritual thought for you this week comes from a talk given by Bruce C. HafenWelp, until next week, espero que ustedes tengan una semana maravillosa. Escritura: 2 Nephi 9. Really an awesome chapter!

Un abrazo,

Elder Winger

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