Monday, February 13, 2012

Attitude is a choice 02/13/2012 Week 53

Dearest Family and Friends,

As I have officially reached my one year mark this week, my mind has been raging with thoughts, feelings, and memories of all that i´ve learned throughout this past year. I´ve realized that there are two ways to look at this next year, with the time that remains. Many missionaries would find themselves saying "i still have a whole year left," but I have chosen and feel that, "I only have 1 year left." It has added a lot of urgency and focus into how short of a time span that we have to serve the Lord as a full-time missionary. The blessings I have received throughout this year have been miraculous, overwhelming, and all i desire to do this year is the Lord´s will and to serve the people here. No greater joy is found than in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
This week was quite interesting. We were looking forward to a wonderful baptism on Friday, and everyone seemed really excited, when I got a phone call Thursday night. It was our investigator and she called to tell me that she did not want to be baptized the following day. We were speechless. I attempted to calm her nerves and bear my personal testimony of the need and blessings of baptism, but her choice would be the final one. The Lord knows best and we will keep working with her so that she can make this important step in her life.
This Saturday, our investigator Rosalia passed her baptismal interview and is looking forward to baptism this coming Saturday. It will be a treat, and I´m excited that my companion will have the experience of his first baptism.
Other news for the week: I once again went to the zone leaders apartment on divisions.....the same place where the truck blew up outside.....and we had another "wonderful" experience. It´s quite the story, but let´s just say that I became an officially documented witness to a drug bust. it was the real deal.
Every week, we receive a question from the Presdient´s assistants to answer every night. This past week it was "What revelation did I receive today?" As I began pondering on this question throughout everyday, I came to realize just how much guidance we are blessed with everyday. Revelation is the communication between God and his Children. There´s no other way to accomplish the communication and reach the heavens each and everyday but through sincere prayer and a personal study of the scriptures. I have strengthened my testimony that God will guide us in every aspect of our lives and give us the tools necessary to complete with our responsibilities.
Scripture: 2Nephi 25:26. I know that our Savior lives. He loves us. He is my strength and my refuge. In these latter-days i cannot and will not deny the fact that revelations and miracles are vibrant, with living prophets to guide us. Glory to God in the highest.

It has been a week of much reflection. Family and friends, thank you for your much support and prayers, they are heard.

Until week 53, con amor

Elder Winger

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