Friday, February 10, 2012

come to papá ‏ 02/06/2012 Week 52

He family:

So i totally just finished writing my email to you.....and it deleted. Fetch. I´ll try to rewrite what i can ha.
(p.s. mom i didn´t have time to write anything for the newsletter that´s due can write one and send it in if you´d like)
My new companion, and "child", is Elder Greco from Mar de Plata, Argentina. It´s legit to have a Latin companion once again to help me practice my accent and learn Spanish better. yes. But he´s a really great elder, has really hit the ground runnin here in the field. He served as a ward missionary for 1.5 years before coming out, so i haven´t really had to explain a ton of things, so we should be able to do just a ton of work these next couple of transfers.
We have a baptism this friday, an interview on saturday for one next week, and some investigators that are looking good for the next few weeks after that. We are going to see miracles happen this transfer in Gálvez, and the Lord is really blessing us a lot with people to teach and the conversion of those people.
Story: we were walking down the road the other day, and i saw some photos posted on a window of "paradise" basically, beaches, luscious trees, gorgeous scenery, the works. As i was gazing at these photos, my companion turns to me and says "that´s Mar de Plata". fetchin lucky haha. But yeah, we get along really well.
It´s crazy to think that I´ve already been out for almost a year. The fastest year of my entire life for sure. It has really humbled me and i´ve realized the importance of getting the most out of everyday, not only for the mission, but for life. Something that all of us can apply.
I know this is the work of the Lord and that he lives! He is the Son of our Father in Heaven! I also know that God lives, we are his children, and the gospel is our way home.
Scripture: Mosiah 4:9

I´m out of time....but i love you all! thanks for your support and prayers!

Con amor,

Elder Winger

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