Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I stand all amazed ‏ 02/20/2012 Week 54

¡I stand all amazed!

Hey family, it´s crazy that it´s already Monday once again, pero que va a hacer. We had some interesting experiences this week, and all in all Rosalia was baptized a confirmed as a member of the church! It was pretty crazy though that it worked isn´t a new surprise when something crazy happens on baptism day, but i´ve learned to expect it. every time. To´s Satan trying to take one last blow to stop us, but God always prevails.
On Saturday, the baptism was scheduled for 6 o´clock, and Elder Greco and I decided to head over to the church to begin filling up the font. We began filling at around 2:45 and everything was looking good to go. Just to keep an eye on the font, we decided to finish our studies in the church house. At about 4 o´clock, when the font had about 2 feet of water max, it stopped filling. The church ran out of water.......drats. The main water tank was drained as well as two back up tanks. We needed a plan, and fast. We ended up taking a taxi to the fire department and pleaded that they could come fill up the font for us. Our prayer was answered. The big ol firetruck came and helped us fill up the font. "Our problems are solved!" I cried. But those are always famous last word. Brother Gomez, a 70 year old man in my ward, decided to handle the reins with the firehose. he said "I´ve got it under control." But the powerful water blast over took his fragile body. At this moment, I was standing at the back of the room, just about to press my finger down on my camera to take a picture, when all of a sudden i got slapped in the face by a wall of water. The hose had escaped it´s master and was whipping around the room. it was incredible. After seconds of frantic screaming, we got the hose under control, but it had taken it´s toll. Brother Gomez was sprawled on the ground after taking a devastating fall. We got him into a chair, he was bleeding from his palm, having a nice gash, and later was taken to the hospital.
Cleaning up the wet room, we prepared for the baptism...coming to find out the firefighters didn´t give us enough water..oh great. We moved forward with the service anyway, and Rosalia ended up being baptized laying down, reclined into the water, and pulled back up by a kneeling Elder Greco. Classic. success.
Rosalia was confirmed the following day, and Brother Gomez ended up breaking his arm in three places and will be having surgery this wednesday.....he took a hard one for the team, but we´re hoping to go and visit him.
That was the adventure of baptism. I truly stand all amazed at the love and blessings God offers us.
Also at our apartment, 2 owls have decided to move in with us. They live all around our house and the neighbors, and we find them staring at us at least 10 hours a day. We believe they have eaten the rat that has been infesting our living quarters, so they are warmly welcome.
It was a fun week, and a quick one. Looking forward to hitting some more pavement...i mean dirt roads this week. Make that mud, it´s raining steadily today.

Love you all! Glad to hear everyone is doing well and that you had a great trip in California. Have a great week and stay safe!

Scripture: Mosiah 5: 6-15. Taking upon ourselves the name of Christ, serving him, coming to know him, becoming like him.

Elder Winger

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