Monday, March 12, 2012

¡El colador es mi herramienta preferida! ‏ 02/27/2012 Week 55

Hey Family!
How´s everyone doing this week?? I hope it´s been a great one, and it seems like it has been minus the fact that Tiffani lost her Driver´s License. Don´t worry, it´s now being included in my prayers.
This week has been quite interesting, lots of ups and downs. We had our once-every-three-months zone conference and it was awesome. Getting to hear from the President, the assistants, and all the other missionaries who are laboring in the work just brings a new boost to my personal efforts. One bad thing happened though.....i left my study journal at the stake center and i still haven´t been able to get ahold of it. Don´t worry Tiffani, on some scale i´m on the same boat as you are.
I also received your package!!!! I loved everything in it. The garments, beef jerky, fire cheetohs, and especially the japanese candy. All the other Elders in my apartment enjoyed everything just as much....
And for Brother Gomez, he´s out of the hospital after a successful operation and is recuperating in his home. We haven´t had a chance to pass by and see him yet.
And to answer your question in regards to the baptism, a member of the Bishopric performed the confirmation, but us Elders were able to participate. Pretty cool.
Today, on this day of preparation, we just finished eating with a part-member family from the ward. I decided to bring the snickerdoodle cookies as a fun treat to share and create with them. To make a long story short, the ovens here have 2 options: OFF or HOT. I chose the second option to bake the cookies, and the first 15 cookies burned like a crisp...charcoal black. I gave "the good part" of one of the pieces to the son of the family, who is 4 or so, and he looked at me and said "rey feo." or "Very nasty."
But we did witness tender mercies when the last 6 of the batch turned out well :) Lesson learned: I´m not a cook.
Special note to Tiffani: I got your letter! I loved all of it, until i got to the part where you made the grand assumption that i´m "pudgy". Correction: I WAS pudgy.....i´ve thinned ok? But i´m starting to experience another problem......receding hairline.....
Special note to Casey and Kari: HAPPY BIRTHDAYSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! Kari, I hope you had an amazing birthday, and Casey, I hope you have a great one today....and to think that I actually thought I´m old at 20..... :) haha just kidding. Felicitaciones.
This past Saturday i had the opportunity to do 3 baptismal interviews for a family that´s going to be baptized in Villa Diego, another area in my district. It´ll be a great experience to see this Saturday. Also this Saturday, we are introducing our Ward Mission Plan....which Elder Greco and I haven´t written yet, but President Giuliani is going to come and share some words on Missionary Work to help us boost the animo here in the ward. Don´t worry, I´ll take pictures mom.
Today also commemorates the 200th anniversary of the Argentine Flag. Everyone is at the monument of the bandera, which is fairly close to where i am, including the President of the Country.....i unfortunately have to work in an hour and a half and will not be able to attend.
Welp, have a great week! I need to start working on that mission plan......
Con Amor,
Elder Winger ¡Tuve un calambre doloroso hoy!
Alma 5:26-27 - I love the talk that Alma gives to the members of the church in this chapter. FIRE.
DyC 24:7-8 - A scripture for those days that are rough.

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