Monday, March 12, 2012

Workin it from the inside out ‏ 03/05/2012 Week 56

Hey family!
So i´m sitting here at the computer...staring blankly at all the white space i´m about to try and fill all this space....i can´t believe how fast the weeks are beginning to fly by, having that also combined with my horrible memory and we´ve got a big problem. 
This past Saturday we had a mission activity in the church for the ward and branch.  We invited President Giuliani to come speak and we presented our new ward mission plan to the members....not as many members came as we would´ve liked, but it has been an impactful change for us and the way that we are going to work with the members.  I´ve realized that in order to have success in the missionary work, you must work from the inside out.  If the ward isn´t strong, then how are the new members of the church going to survive?  It´s a big adjustment becoming a latter-day saint and without a 110% support, it´s a lot easier for people to fall back into the habits of their old life where they felt more comfortable.  So that´s been our focus for the last week, Elder Greco and I, "working from the inside out, strengthening the members, and then bringing in more."
The activity went fairly well and we´ve set some great plans for the next 3 months....maybe i´ll send the plan to you so you can check it out....even though it´s in spanish :)
Well....i have no time right now to write more......i just spent 25 minutes recuperating all of my files on my pen drive.....this computer just successfully deleted every picture from my mission...but i think i got it all back :)  estamos en guerra.
¡Hasta la próxima!
Elder Winger

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