Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baptism by water and FIRE in the house 03/19/2012 Week 58

Hey Everyone!

Wow, I can´t believe our house in West Point burned down!!  I was
shocked when I saw the pictures, but at least no one was hurt....but
dang, that´s my house!
This week was pretty action packed.  A few days ago we headed out at
7:15 to help some other Elder´s paint the house/fences out back.  We
ended up being there until 3 o´clock in the afternoon painting.  Super
Service completed.  I sent you some lovely photos of the experience,
as well as us painting some old rusty chairs and tables.....now good
as new.
Yesterday the Sisters in my district had a baptism!  Elder Greco and I
headed out to their area yesterday afternoon and I had the privilege
of baptizing Antonio Sabau into the church.  Wee Ha.
Elder Greco and I have been using the Taxi system to our advantage on
Sundays.  Yesterday we were planning on having 9 investigators in
church, so we began our quest of bringing them in taxi.  What a
luxury...being picked up in a taxi to go to the house of God.  We
ended up having a total of 2 come, and we´ll take it.  éxito :)
The days keep flying by, but I´m loving the work out here and the
people that I meet everyday.  We have a few investigators that are
progressing and we are hoping to have at least 3 baptisms within the
next 2-3 weeks.
I got a letter this past week from Marilee Marshall which included a
list of some of my friends that are either engaged or married.  At the
rate that i´ve been seeing, in 11 months when i could return I could
be the only "single" under the age of 23 haha.  But yeah, it´s crazy
to hear about all the changes that continue to happen.
Fun Fact of the Week:  BIBLE EDITION.  Did you know....?  All of the
epistles after the book of acts are not in order
chronologically.......neither alphabetically.....but from the longest
to the shortest (except Hebrews because some say it wasn´t written by
Paul so they put it in last.)  Cool.
Welp, gotta go, they are shutting down the computer lab on me.  LOVE YOU CHAU!

Elder Winger

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