Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Re: Conference time ‏ 04/02/2012 Week 60

¡Buen Dia!
As you have probably already predicted, the first thing i´m going to mention is General Conference. Wasn´t it so incredible? I was able to watch Saturday Morning, Sunday Morning, and Sunday Afternoon. I can´t say that I can pick a talk which I liked most, for it was truly manifest that all the words spoken were the words of the Lord, as he says in D&C 1:38 "
whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants, it is the same." How blessed we are.
We are currently preparing Juan Anriquez, 18 years old, and David Romero , 21, for their baptism on the 14th of April. They are going to make fantastic additions to the priesthood ranks and so far all is going well with cultivating their faith and testimonies. Both of them were able to attend conference yesterday.....what better atmosphere to be in than General Conference. Boom.
This week, I learned how to give gratitude to Heavenly Father for ALL things, big and small. We lost power on tuesday of this week in the apartment and lived on candles for a few days. (it would´ve been nice to have a few scenstys´) We thought our power got turned off because we didn´t pay the bill for last month like we thought...... But on Sunday morning....still no power and no edible food in the fridge. But yeah, we figured out that they never really turned off our power, we just had to switch out a fuse. light restored in 30 seconds. Light is a great blessing.
We continue to keep working hard here in Galvez, keeping high hopes and staying animated. A grand key to missionary work and life i suppose is to "keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side." Blessings always outweigh suffering. The Lord lives. This Gospel is True. What else matters?
I hope that all of us as Latter-Day-Saints can continue doing our part in the vineyard to build up God´s Kingdom. The time to share, shine, and be is now. For as Elder Holland told us, "it´s getting late."
Hip Hip Hooray for Zion.
I want to thank you so much for your prayers and support. Mom and Dad, a great topic in this conference was about parents and families. In the words of O. Vincent Haleck "I´ve learned the significance of faithful parents. My life has been changed forever." No one is able to find the truth without the help of others. Thank you so much for your love, PATIENCE, and support for all that i´ve done, good or bad. I know that we will live as a family forever, and you are the reason i´m out here serving the Lord. Just wanted you to know I love you.
I´m happy to hear that everyone is doing well and safe :) Sounds like everything from disneyland to school to work to spring break is keeping everyone cheerful.
Elder Winger

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