Monday, April 16, 2012

not much time to write...... 04/16/12 Week 61

hey family!!!
I just got done configuring some stuff with my pictures and downloaded the conference sessions i wasn´t able to watch, and now i´m here to update you with whats been goin down.
David Romero, the husband of the couple we married a couple of weeks ago, got baptized on Saturday! Of course a few "problems" seemed to happen......lack of water, baptismal clothing, the meeting agenda, but all in all, the baptism happened haha. it was a good time.
This week, Juan Carlos (the husband of our recent convert Rosalia) will be baptized this Saturday! It looks like we were just meant to complete a couple of families here in Villa Galvez haha. I´ll let you know how it all goes. The Lord has been abundantly blessing us in all aspects of the work.
Yesterday at church, we brought our 20 year old investigator Matias to church. We stopped by his house in the morning so that we could walk with him. He´s dog, Tigre (tiger), decided to come along as well....uninvited ha. We walked about 10 blocks to the church, and Tigre was there for the whole way. When we got to the church house, I thought to myself (ok, Tigre can just chill outside for a few hours on the church grounds.....) the opposite happened. As we entered the sacrament meeting room, being totally unaware I saw good ol Tigre come strolling in behind his master. He stayed for the whole meeting. And enjoyed it. Actually, i can honestly say he was more calm and silent than 90 percent of the members hahaha.
Anyway, that was the first time i´ve had a dog in a church meeting. I added him to the count of how many people we had in church today.
Anyway, I don´t have any more time this week, but everything is going just dandy. We will be having transfers next week, so i´ll have p-day on tuesday....we´ll be seeing where my next adventure takes me. Thanks for your prayers and support. Love you all. The church is true.

Con amor,

Elder Winger

p.s. Mom, in the package you were going to send, could you send me a watch (something on the cheaper end ha) and push up bars? THANK YOU :) love you.

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