Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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To Whom It May Concern:

This past weekend, we had the baptism of Juan Carlos Quintana! This time, thinking beforehand for once, we decided to fill the baptismal font up on Friday to avoid the "Oh fetch, there´s not any water" panic attack that is always sure to come on Saturday. Everything went fairly smooth, and I think that success can be tied back to that one decision, and just the fact that Juan is a stud. As we entered the water for his baptismal, we both shivered and said, "oh wow, that´s quite chilly." I immediately thought to myself "Thank heavens that I only have to be submerged up to my belly-button....." As Juan came up out of the water, his face lit up (into what i believe was a reaction of Joy and/or shock), and he cried out "Está Frio Ché" or "It´s fetchin cold man." Everyone got a good laugh. it was pretty hilarious jaja. He also recieved the Holy Ghost on Sunday and him and his wife Rosalia are now on their journey together towards eternal life :) what a fairytail beginning.
Also this weekend, my whole district (which consists of 3 companionship's) had baptisms!!! WOO HOO!
I found out today what is going to be happening to me this coming transfer that begins tomorrow. I´ll be leaving good ol´ Villa Gobernador Galvez (in the Rosario Zone) to Azcuénaga (in the Rosario West Zone). I´m going to be companions with Elder Bravo, who i´ve heard is from central america. We are going to be the Zone leaders in that area, which is pretty exciting ha. It´ll be another chapter of adventure in the lord´s vineyard.
Breaking News: We found another Rat´s nest that was actually built INSIDE our oven (but you can only see that part if you look through the back) It was disgusting. Oven Destroyed. We are currently on the hunt to kill 6 (more or less) little rat-sculs in the apartment. It´s Fear Factor for real.
Anyways, that has been my week! Thanks Shantra for sending the pictures of Ali! She´s already so big! A lot bigger than the last time I saw her....haha (no pun intended)
Well, looking to do SOME WORK in the upcoming transfer. Keep safe at home. Love you Family. And Friends.

Elder Winger

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