Thursday, May 10, 2012

ABC, It´s easy as 1-2-tres 05/7/12 Week 64


How´s everyone been doing this week? I´m happy to hear that dear old Tiffani returned to Home Base :). Sounds like it must´ve been an adventurous week.
This morning was exciting because we went to an investigators house, called the civil register, and fixed a date for the 15th of June for their Marriage :) Their names are Dario & Rosana, and the other couple is Rosa & Willy. And Following: Baptism. Rosa and Willy tried to convince us that they wanted to wait until August of 2013 to get married, because it would be their "20 years being together anniversary." I said "that don´t fly with me." They settled for the 15 of June.
I´m sending a few pictures from the final day of my last area, i haven´t taken too many pictures here yet.....but i´m on it.
Our comical moment of the week was Thursday. My comp got sick so I had to sit in the apartment ALL DAY. With my natural american mindset of "time is money", I decided to try opening a little kiosco from the front door (kiosco- little shop that people have in their houses. they sell "the necessities" from their front window." I decided to try it. With a sharpie pen and some paper, I wrote : Gelatin $3, ñoquis (a food) $7, and Toothpicks: free. Nobody bought anything, but it was a good effort.
I´m loving azcuenaga and the work of the lord. We have high hopes for this area and for all of the missionaries in our zone. I know the Lord is guiding this work, and he continually shows his miracles in everyday life. I´ll be talking to you next week using SKYPE from a members home. I´ll send the email of my companions skype account to you tomorrow so that you can add it.

Until next week. I love you!

Elder Winger

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