Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The True Meaning of Pascua 04/09/12 Week 61

My Dearest family and friends and family,

I sure loved this past week, being able to commemorate the Atonement and Resurrection of our Savior. The Greatest Miracle of All.
Our Investigator David passed his Baptismal Interview yesterday and we are excited to have his baptism this Saturday. Woo hoo. I did receive the package from the Henriksens as well :) It was SHWEET. I even bought some eggs today to do so mean decorating. Should be fun.
Everything is going just peachy here, jus doin some work. 10 months to go today, which scares me, but it´s motivating as well. I picture that the rest of my life is going to fly by just as fast as now, so it would be good to learn how to take advantage of everyday haha. Sorry this message isn´t too long, we just got done playing like 3 hours of soccer and i want to hibernate for like 3 months. Glad to hear everyone is doing well and is having plenty of adventures :) Keep safe, and I´ll be talking to you next week!

scripture of the week!
1 Corinthians 9:14 - Live what you believe.

p.s. I honestly don´t remember my shoe size mom.......and if you could add the classic fire cheetohs and maybe some PRINGLES (and make ém spicy) that would be wonderful. Love you.

p.s.s. The Picture I sent is of ZAPOLIO. He´s a friend I found while cirujeando. We use him to practice teaching lessons, and he gives us a good scare every night

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