Monday, December 3, 2012

12-2012!!! 12/03/12 week 94

Hi hi hi!

Wow, it´s December.  I can´t believe it´s already here.  I absolutely
love the christmas season, even though it´s still weird to me that
it´s summer, but the spirit of the season is a special one.  Thanks
for the update on the family!  I´m happy to hear that everyone´s
keeping busy as usual and all are safe and sound.  After all of these
projects that Dad´s doing, i can only imagine myself on the way home
from the airport, looking out the window and and having you pointing
to things on both sides of the rode and saying "and dad helped built
that, and did that, and helped fix that, and built that...." haha,
keep it up corn pops!
also, just to mention, tiffani has a "new boy" and i haven´t heard
anything about him?  I´d love to hear the down low on what´s going on.
Glad to hear that Tiff´s still craze on the dating scene.  But, i do
get a say on your selections tiff, that's a given.....i may be in kinda
"odd missionary mode" but my judgements are still in tune ;)
    This week we had stake conference which was great.  President
Giuliani and his wife had a chance to speak, as well as all the
members of the stake presidency.  A message that I loved from the
stake president was on the topic "procrastination following a
conference."  All saints must make the effort to apply the words and
councils of the Lord´s immediately after hearing them.  By applying
the words to our lives, they help us to be more in tune with the
Lord´s will.  But, as often is the case, with immediate application of
a principles and without setting goals, a "wise thought with good
intentions" simply stays that way, then fades away.
   Maria, our investigator, broke her arm this week and was not able
to attend the conference with her husband, but our other investigator
German was able to make it.  Entering the doors with his shirt, tie,
and suit coat, it was a flashy entrance.  He enjoyed the conference
and currently has his baptismal date for the 29th.
    I had an amazing experience this week on the blessing of the holy
ghost by keeping the commandments.  Presidente Giuliani spoke to us on
the importance of obeying with exactness, and i strived to put the
council into actions, writing down a few rules that i at times struggle
to follow.  Yesterday, as we were walking to an appointment with a
recent convert, i felt an impression as we reached the corner of a
block.  I felt like we needed to knock a house.  We kept walking,
walking, and walking, and as we walked the sensation grew stronger and
stronger, until finally at the last house on the block, i decided to
knock it. A lady answered the door, we presented ourselves, and we
quickly came to know that they had recently moved there from another
part of town.  Her husband had been baptized a couple years ago, and
they had gone to the church together many times.  The great part: she
invited us to come back in a few days :)

I know this is the work of the Lord.  I know that Thomas S. Monson is
the Lord´s Prophet in these latter-days.

Thanks for everything!!! LOVE YOU

Elder Winger

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