Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Marzo 16! Another week down! 03/16/11 Week 6

Hello again my dear family,
How's everyone been doing!? It's pretty crazy I've been gone for 5 weeks! Pretty nuts...anyway,  this week went pretty well, it's hard to remember what happened because the days and weeks blend together.  So, I had to wake up at 4:30 this morning to walk some Elders in our zone to the bus because they were leaving to San Jose.  It was pretty rough seeing them go, and we'd had grown really close in the last 5 weeks.  But, it made me so excited to get down to Argentina!  I'm still enjoying it here tho, and I know I'm going to miss it/the people once i leave.  Thanks again for keeping in touch and Tiffani, I'm going to email you after I write this email instead of writing a letter back, for convenience....sorry!  haha, but hopefully your email is because thats where I'm sending it.  Anyway,  another cool thing that I failed to mention about the MTC is that they give us $6 a week to use in the bookstore, plus we get 40% off so that has really been nice for keeping me stocked up on little conveniency purchases :)  Oh and mom, I'll be sending back that list of the scentsy purchases that some of the elders want shortly. Yesterday, we heard from Elder Maynes from the first quorum of the seventy!  He gave an amazing talk on the 3 greatest gifts from God:  1. Jesucristo 2. the Holy Ghost 3. Eternal Life. He focused mostly on the power of the Holy Ghost and the role that He plays in the Godhead.  The Holy Ghost is everything in this work.  I am simply a messenger of the Spirit, helping people come to the remembrance of who they are.  The Holy Ghost has been such an amazing gift in my life and I know that it's only through baptism and the laying on of hands that we can receive him as our constant companion, as well as living worthily.  Anyway, great talk.  Also, the spanish is coming along, slowly but surely haha.  It's starting to pick up again from last week, where I felt like I was in a little bit of a slump, but I know it will come in the due time of the Lord, and I'm just doing my best everyday out here, trying to become the best missionary i'm capable of becoming.  One thing that Sister Maynes mentioned in her talk yesterday was "become the missionary your mother thinks you are."  That struck me pretty hard, because I would never want to let you down in anything mom.  You've given me everything, including the wonderful gift of the Gospel, and it's my duty and privilege to share it with the rest of the world.  Thank you for everything you've given me, and thank you all for your love and what you've given me in my life!  Anyway, a couple of things i want you to maybe send if you have time......a harmonica?  I need some type of music doohikie to keep me sane from withdrawals of any instruments ha, and maybe that book I have called "common missionary questions" or something...then maybe a yo-yo :)  Sometimes just little entertainment things like that help relieve any stress and help me stay motivated on the work.  I love you all so much, miss you, and am looking forward to continuing to hear about how life's going.  and maybe even some pictures :)  Love you all, the Church is true.
            Keep it real,
                             Elder Winger

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