Wednesday, March 30, 2011

7 semana mark! 0‏3/30/11 Week 8

Hello once again!
How's everyone doing?!  Thanks again for all your letters!  They mean a ton out here, and I love hearing about life back home.  Anyway, I'm going to start out by asking for a couple things before I forget...I need maybe one more pack of the Zebra F-301 pens.  I'm terrible at keeping track of stuff, so I lose it pretty quick.  Also, maybe a pack of Crystal Light packs to go! I've been craving it haha, and they don't sell it here.  Oh, and I'm sending the scentsy order probably tomorrow.  Everyone just wants maybe a couple of sprays or so, so we will just send the order and then pay for whatever you're not able to provide us with mom.  Thanks!  Also, I should be sending a box of stuff home soon....i just need to find a box first and figure out what stuff I want to send ha, but I'll get on it.  In other news, everything is going great!  I can't believe I'm leaving in 12's a rollercoaster of emotions haha.  I'm super stoked, but I know it's going to be a crazy experience and adventure.  Bring it on!  I've learned so much here and my testimony continues to grow everyday.   So, I'm supposed to go to the hospital on Monday to get my plantar wart scraped off, so that'll be fun.  It'll be my first time having left here in a long time haha.  Other things this week:  On Monday, my district was chosen to have an Authority from the Area of the 70 come visit our class.  His name was Elder Patania, and he was just recently put in as the area 70 over Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay.  It was an awesome experience and he just had a very special spirit about him.  He only spoke Spanish, so it was fun to be able to talk with him and try to somewhat distinguish what he was saying haha.  I'll send a picture home soon of it.  I'm super excited for General Conference this weekend!  It'll be a great way to finish up my experience here at the MTC, receiving advice from the Prophets and Apostles before heading into the field.  As far as the language's coming along haha, but I know most of the learning is going to come when I'm immersed in it and am FORCED to speak it ;).  I love you all so much and I pray for you many times each day.  This is definitely going to be the best two years of my life, and I'm so grateful that you raised me in this Gospel and have given me this opportunity to serve the Lord.  My scripture for you this week is Matthew 26-28, chapters about the events of the great Atonement of our Savior Jesucristo.  The Atonement is central to this Gospel and everything we do.  The more I have learned about it, the more I've recognized it's significance.  My quote of the week comes from David A. Bednar:  "When it's time to be released, return to your home, but don't leave the mission field."  I know I'm out here to not only preach the gospel and serve, but to become the person that God wants me to become.  We are all missionaries as members of this church and it's our duty to livee each day as examples of Christ.  I love it out here and am having a marvellous experience!  Keep me posted on all that's happening, and I'll talk to you again soon!!
~Elder Winger 

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