Wednesday, March 23, 2011

que tal familia? 0‏ 3/23/11 Week 7

Hey fam!
Well, another week down!  It's crazy, how fast time is flying and how things are blending together.  By the time I get to my journal at night, I forgot most of the stuff that I did that day haha....i'm getting Alzheimer's :( .  Anyway, I'm continuing to learn a lot here!  We are starting to speak the language a lot more, even though I can't say a ton, it's fun to use....I'll definitely sound like a super gringo down in Argentina haha, can't wait.  So at the Devotional yesterday, we heard from Elder Costa from the presidency of the 70.  If you remember, he gave an amazing talk in the last General Conference, so I was stoked to hear from him.  And yes, he delivered.  He told us about his conversion story, i'll just give you a summary because it was legit.  He was 28 years old and both of his parents were members.  He overheard the missionaries talking about Joseph Smith in the other room, and he decided to search and ponder about Joseph Smith the Prophet.  He read JSH that night, and after each verse, he would ponder and pray about that specific verse and whether it was true.  After 14 hours of doing this, he received the answer that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  He then wanted to be baptized immediately!  Unfortunately, when he saw the Sister missionaries again the next day, they said he had to take 7 lessons and then he could be baptized.  He responded with: "Ok, well hurry and teach me, then I'll be baptized today."  Haha, the missionaries taught him 7 lessons in 2 days.  It was such a testimony to me that there are so many people that are ready to hear this gospel.  "the field is white already to harvest."  I'm so grateful to have had this gospel in my life and it has blessed me so much.  Anyway,  as far as biggest gainer goes....i've hit a wall at gaining weight :( still stuck at 9lbs thus far, but looking to overcome that this week.  And mom, I will get that scentsy order to you soon!  i just need to know what the limit for each missionary is for the first free order haha.  You're amazing, and we all diggin the scentsy out 'ere.  Anyway, I wish you could come visit for a day and feel of the spirit that all of my fellow missionaries have.  They have such strong testimonies and they help me grow each and everyday.  I try my best to serve those around me, but it feels like i'm just receiving all the service haha.  Anyway, another cool story, I found out a couple of days ago that the abnormal growth on the bottom of my foot that I haven't told anyone about is a plantar wart.  I saw the pediatrist today and we are in the process of wiping out the little treachery.  I had to get a couple shots in my foot for numbing.....then he put myocine...or something, they use it for cancer treatment or something haha.  He put that under the wart and it should kill all the skin above, which will turn the skin black, and then we will scrape it off in a couple of weeks.  I'm making this sound a lot more intense than it actually is, but i thought it was an adventure.  So I've been reading the book "Our Heritage lately" and I just want to share with you a quote from that.  It's from Brigham Young, towards the end of his life. "My whole life is devoted to the Almighty's Service."  I've realized that I'm called as a missionary, wearing this badge for 2 years.  But I have the rest of my life to be a return missionary.  The mission doesn't end after 2 years, it is a lifelong commitment. That has helped me change my perspective of becoming the person that the Lord wants me to become, because I know this experience is preparing my for the rest of my life.  I love my God with all my heart.  This is his church!  Scripture for you: Alma 7:11-13 I believe.  The Atonement is central in the Gospel, and it's so amazing to feel the Savior's love more and more as I study his sacrifice for all mankind.  Another quote from the week was from my Branch President, President Stephens.  He said "Attitude determines Altitude."  How true it is!  I'm trying my best to always be in a good, happy mood out here 24/7.  What better place to be than on the Lord's errand?  I'm simply an imperfect person sharing a perfect message, which makes me definitely unqualified, but through the Spirit, people can come to know of God's love for them, simply being reminded of who they are.  I love it here and am so grateful for all of your support and love.  And dad, get home already will ya? ;)  Thanks for the email you sent, I really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately I'm not to the stage of dreaming in Spanish.  Not even close.  But I'm working hard at it everyday, and it'll come in the Lord's due time.  I pray for you all everyday, family and friends.  You mean the world to me.  And mom, I'll start gathering stuff together to send home because I probably will send quite a bit ha.  And I found out the mail system for packages is terrible!  When I find out more info, I'll let you know, but don't plan on sending me any packages while i'm in Argentina.  That's advice from my teacher Hermano Weist who was on his mission a few months ago.  but, we'll just play it by ear.  Anyway, love you all!  Keep holdin down the fort back home :)  Oh, last thing, I heard about USU losing :( and BYU in the sweet 16! Sick!  and I heard Scott Watts got his call to Madagascar and Riley to Dominican Republic!  Way to Be!! ADIOS!
~Elder Winger

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