Monday, January 16, 2012

¡11 meses ya! 01/09/2011 Week 48


Welp, 11 months today! pretty crazy, time has definitely has flown by.
Today was a fun week of work...combined with a whole lot of heat. Today it is supposed to hit 41 degrees Celsius, or around 105 degrees Fahrenheit, so i´m expecting a solid tan/skin fry by the end of the day. Also this week, we have been teaching a older couple named the Zapata family that are just awesome! 2 of the most humblest, faithfulest people i have met on my mission. We have taught 3 lessons with them so far and they are accepting everything :) they are reading the book of mormon everyday and tell us "we take them everywhere with us. if we are going to enjoy a nice time on the back patio...boom, books of mormon firm in hand." The bad news is that they both have pretty serious health problems. Mrs. Zapata just recently had surgery to remove a cancer tumor and Mr. Zapata just visited the doctor for some problems and is hardly able to move due to pain. They told me that they want to start paying tithing this month, even though they can´t be baptized. what faith. we are going to visit them tonight with the bishop to introduce them to each other and help them fill out their first tithing slip. It has been a humbling experience getting to know this wonderful couple.

Also this week, we went over to a member´s house and made pasta from scratch and homemade alfajores. I forgot how to do everything i won´t be able to "show you how it´s done" when i get back home, but i took pictures :)

Now, time for the scripture and/or quote of the week and gave me an added motivation to serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength in my calling of the Lord:

Referring to Jacob 1:19

"President John Taylor said on one occasion, speaking to the brethren of the priesthood: ´if you do not magnify your callings, God will hold you responsable for those you might have saved, had you done your duty.´
"This is a challenging statement. If I by reason of sins of commission or omission lose what I might have had in the hereafter, I myself must suffer and, doubtless my loved ones with me. But if I fail in my assignment as a bishop, stake president, a mission president, or one of the General Authorities of the Church - if any of us fail to teach, lead, direct, and help to save those under our direction and within our jurisdiction, then the Lord will hold us responsible if they are lost as the result of our failure." - Hugh B. Brown, Oct 1962

For me, this was a powerful statement and gave me a newly added perspective to the importance of each of our callings in the church. If we magnify our callings of the Lord, not only will we be blessed, we will be helping our Father in Heaven in the sacred work of saving his children. There´s nothing more important.

Random other quote: "Temples are built.... to be used!" -President Gordon B. Hinckley.

I hope you all have a great week, and it was fun to hear from you on Christmas. Hope everyone makes it safely as they travel. Mom and Dad, hope you´re having fun in Mexico! Now if you just keep going´ll "accidentally" find yourself in Argentina ;)

Also got an email from Brady Hanks! Tell him thanks for me and that I love him and am thankful for the service he gave in the mission field. Will you ask him what his plans are? I´d like to know.

Hasta que venga el próximo lunes. con amor,

Elder Winger

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