Saturday, January 28, 2012

oh....we´re (just about) halfway there 01/23/2012 Week 50

Well how do you do there?
It´s crazy to think that I´ve just about hit my year mark in my
mission.  If the rest of my life goes as fast as this, i´m not sure
i´ll have time to learn anything along the way....haha
Qué suerte to think that you´ve only had to shovel the sidewalk two
times!  Now that´s what I call a winter :)  Actually, i would do some
pretty crazy things for an inch of snow right now haha, but I´m quite
accustomed to the heat here and i´m enjoying it....mmhmm.
The other day i went to the mission home for a trainers meeting. This
upcoming transfer, which begins one week from Wednesday, i will
receive a brand new greenie coming into the mission field.  Haha, i´m
pretty excited, it should be a great experience.  I´ll be "having a
kid" as they say.
Just because it is on my mind right now, i´m going to cut to the list
of things that i may want you to send in my next package "wink wink"
-  fire hot Cheetos, beef jerky, slippers to wear in the apartment,
girl scout cookies, hot sauce, betty crocker cookie mix, some ties
maybe......and just a few more garments.  I think that should be all
for now :)  thanks so much mom, i love you!
I´m excited to hear that you´ll be giving talks next Sunday in church.
 Best of luck!  I know you´ll do great, and i´m praying for you, like
always.  Baptism..what an amazing topic.
Also, here´s a random question.  I was talking to an Elder in the
mission named Elder Justin Benson from Utah who knows the Purser
family, and specifically Megan.  He sends his greetings and is curious
to see how everyone is doing.
That´s about all I have time for today, but have a great week and
thanks so much for taking the time to write!  I also received a little
email from Savannah Ipsen with a picture from the storytelling
festival.  Tell her i laughed and thanks, and that i love her.
Until next time,
Elder Winger
 p.s. what mission are the Despain´s going to in the Dominican Republic?
p.s.s.  i´ll think about sending a picture of myself just smiling.
just think tho.

one more thing‏

I was having lunch with a member from my ward this week, and he´s
moving to Utah in February.  He decided to add me on facebook so that
i could keep in touch and go visit him when i got home.  I helped him
to find my page, and when he opened up my home page and saw my profile
picture...and a few other pictures .....he didn´t recognize me.  Haha
that´s probably most definitely a bad thing :(  just thought i´d let
you know that.   :)

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