Monday, January 16, 2012

HOLA! 01/16/2012 Week 49


Mom and Dad, it sounds like you had an amazing adventure in Mexico!!!! I was pretty stoked to hear all about it, thanks for letting me know how it went. It definitely sounds like it was a big testimony builder. What could possibly be greater than having huge testimony strengthening experiences....while on vacation??? jackpot.
Today, for p-day, we made a journey once again to the Rosario. We saw the flag monument again, but quickly moved on to see the river ParanĂ¡ (the big river that we saw on the map before i came out here) was beautiful, minus the brownish brown water and nothing to really look at. it was fun to see anyway. We also went to a restaurant called las tinajas, which is an all you can eat place. My fellow missionaries of the apartment were startled that i had never heard of this place. it was a taste of heaven on earth. After many weeks of rice and pasta over and over again, imagine yourself walking into a Chuck-a-Rama on steroids. They had everything from asado to chorrizo, amazing types of meat, to chinese food, empanadas, ice cream, and fruit....and seafood. As always, i stuffed myself over the top, and the food that they supplied to us didn´t mix well.....especially an octupus dish mixed with peppers, onions, and weird juices......but i ate it :) that was a good highlight of the day.
This week, i had the great privilege of having a family home evening lesson with a family of my ward that aren´t all members, and the Mission President and his wife accompanied us. It was so cool!! They have such a special spirit about them and I learned so much from the manner that they taught and the spirit they carried. The power that I felt in that lesson I realized is something that I should be feeling in every lesson, without fail, always striving to allow the spirit to guide what we teach. it was a fun day. We are looking forward to a few baptisms this coming month, at least 2, with 4 or 5 that should be definitely going through (including the family Zapata that can´t make it to church still due to health problems....but things are looking brighter!! The mother of the family asked me if there was a church program that she could donate a bunch of unused shoes to..and i was like "why of course." haha, they are so funny and so ready for the gospel...."dry members" as i would call them.
since the phone call that i made to you, i told you that we had a "bucket shower" where we had to wait for the warm water to warm up, which i despised quite deeply.....i have been broke. for the past 2 weeks or so, i have been bathing myself in water that came "straight from the glacier" as a fitting description. I try to make the most out of my morning workouts so that a freezing shower is something i can kind of look forward too haha.
I love the work, and I have loved reading the adventures of all my friends through the missionary newsletter. I couldn´t have asked for more blessings in my life with the family and friends that I have. The lord continues to pour more blessings out than I can receive. I know this is the Church of our Savior Jesus Christ. He helps me through everyday. I hope that I can use every ounce of these next 13 months to do what he´s asked of me..which is nothing compared to what he´s already done and continues to do in my life and the life of all of his children. I was reading a scripture today that is found in Jacob 6:4 where it says "y les extiende sus manos todo el dia" or in english something like "and he extends forth his hands all day." God is ALWAYS working to bring forth the salvation of his children. Those times when I´m sleeping, i´m eating, i´m on "break" during p-day, the Lord continues to labor in his vineyard. It gave me a new motivation that striving to be a missionary in all times, all things, and all places is what the Lord expects of me. Thinking back to a phrase we used to always say during soccer "leave it all on the field" - it applies to each of us - missionaries or members- of the church. I love this work. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers, i´ll talk to you next week :)
Con amor,
Elder Winger

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