Monday, June 4, 2012

Chinchulin........yum ‏ 05/28/12 Week 67

Hey fam!

So this week, I have only about 30 seconds to write because i´ve been doing some good ol paperwork....blah blah blah.
This week went by super fast! One of the highlights is that we taught a super powerful lesson to a less-active named Daniel and he ended up coming to church yesterday for the first time in months! I also ate Chinchulin with a family yesterday....what´s that you may ask? Cow intestines. Filled. yummmmmmmmmmm
Anyway, scripture of the week: Fillipians 4: 11-13

Sorry to be so short, but i´ll write more next week! Love you and hope everyone is well and safe.

Elder Winger

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