Wednesday, June 27, 2012

cooking for a stranger.....06/25/12 Week 71

Hellllllllllllllllooooooooo there!

So this week was pretty nuts, and i´m pretty dead beat tired.  We had
plenty of "divisions" to do with the other missionaries, so we´ve been
doing quite a bit of traveling.
  We have a baptism this Saturday for Valeria and Matias!!! We´ve only
been teaching them for 3 weeks and they will be entering the waters of
baptism this saturday :)  They are absolutely amazing and were
definitely "searching for the truth"  Valeria is the mom of matias,
she is 32 years old and matias is 12.  We have also taught the dad,
david, a couple of times, but it´s been hard to continue teaching him
because of his work schedule.....but, lucky for him (or maybe unlucky
in a sense)  he won´t be able to escape my grasp.  We are going to
track him down, and he will be baptized.  (According to his
will.......or maybe i´ll just force him.)
   This week, something really funny happened, and i believe the Lord
has been teaching me how i can teach the gospel through service.
  I was on divisions with Elder Bazquez, and as we were walking back
to the apartment to eat, we ran into a man named Eugenio of around 60
years and we began talking to him in the street.  He began showing me
random photos of his family of when he lived in Germany and Italy as a
kid, and then he invited us to his house to drink a soda.  I said,
"ok, yeah sure!"  So we went with Eugenio to the supermarket where he
bought a sprite and bread, and i decided to buy noodles and salsa for
me and my comps lunch later.  We then walked with Eugenio to his
house, and we began to chat and drink soda.  I noticed on his walls
that he had a few pictures from the church, pamphlets and things like
that.....he told us that his mom knew a lot about the church.....but
anyway, i was sitting there talking to him, and then i looked at my
watch and noticed that it was lunch-time.  "oh what the heck, " i
thought, "We are going to eat here."  I then asked Eugenio if i could
cook lunch, and he said "uuuhhh ok."  So i ran to the vegetable stand
with my comp, bought some peppers, tomatoes, peas, onion, potatoes,
etc, and then to make a long story a little shorter, i cooked lunch in
Eugenios house.  It was way funny because Eugenio´s son Sergio lives
next door, and he walked in as i was cooking and gave me a look of
"who the....what?"  and then he left.....but a few minutes later after
we finished eating, he came back and asked about who we were and what
we do........and yeah, he says he´s going to come to church with his
family...unfortunately he didn´t show up yesterday, but as we were at
the church yesterday, i saw the infamous Eugenio walk through the
doors haha......sorry if none of this makes sense, i´m trying to write
faster than i can think.
   Anyway, it was super random.  Cooking for someone i met on the
street, in their own house.
This week i´m including a few photos that we took from the classic
site of the flag monument...yeah, we went again haha.
Oh, and mom, as far as you coming down here to pick me up, i know that
i said no before, but i want to hear your thoughts about it and what
the plan would be.....maybe we should take advantage of the
opportunity no?

Anyway, gotta run......more paperwork to do :(

Love you all so much!

Elder Winger

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