Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"They are definitely American" 06/11/12 Week 69

Hello hello hello.
So last Monday we went to the Flag Monument (again) to take some pictures from the top. You can take an elevator ride for 3 pesos to the top and take pictures of all of Rosario. It was pretty cool. As I was standing in line, I noticed that the two guys in front of me were speaking english. and they weren´t missionaries. Ha, I started talking to them and came to find out that they are from Washington D.C. and are here "just to visit." Of course, being a missionary instead of a normal human being, after asking two questions such as "What´s your name? Where are you from?" I had the automatic instinct to being getting to know their religious backgrounds and share our message. Unfortunately they weren´t to interested and our conversation ended a little awkwardly....but at least they know "the mormons" a little better :)
Yesterday we had Stake Conference. Elder Arnold from the first quorum of the seventy and his wife came and spoke to us. It was just peachy. As well as President Giuliani and his wife. Bad news: Yesterday was my mission presidents birthday and i didn´t mention anything to him.......i´m pretty sure that´ll get me a thorn in the toe (is that a phrase?) when next transfers come ha.
Today was a good week in the work. One of our investigators brought her friend to the conference yesterday and we are going to teach her this week. We gave a baptismal date for the mom of a recent convert, and last night i found a man named Gustavo who lives 4 blocks from the church, never has heard the missionaries from our church (but yes of the jehovas witnesses, adventists, etc), super excited to read the BOM, yeah! thats all
Hope everyone is doing well! I hope to hear from everyone soon! Keep safe, and I love you
Fun Fact: The book of Philemon: A letter about Onesimus, a slave that robbed his master Philemon and ran away....Paul finds him in Rome and tells him to go back, asking Philemon to forgive him and accept him as a fellow christian. wow.
Elder Winger
p.s. I´ve been wanting to send pictures, but i´m still having difficulties.......until next time!

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