Wednesday, August 1, 2012

bricks and stones can break my bones, but wheelbarrow grills are legit. 07/24/12 Week 75

Good morning, good afternoon, and goodnight.
what shall i write to my dear family, friends, and fans tuned in from all around the world?
The work continues to move forth in my little vineyard of Azcuenaga. At church, the sister in law of our recent convert Valeria came to church with her 4 kids, so that i was a huge plus! Valeria is definitely a fire-ball super missionary member, definitely something we've needed in the ward!
Cool story of the week: I passed by for one of our investigators named Pablo, we found him constructing a house nearby his only house for one of his friends. We entered inside, checked it out a little bit, and got to know Diego, the friend. He immediately was super weirded out but interested to meet first he treated me like an extraterrestrial, and then i just told him i was from the united states....and then he said it was the same thing. Anyway, he turned out to be super cool and invited us to come by the same day to chat a little more and have an asado (argentine barbecue).....super brownie points. So we pass by the next day, and let me just set the scene out for ya: Imagine yourself sitting within the walls of an unfinished house of brick and cement, using fragile, unstable bricks for chairs, using a slab of wood as a plate, using the empty paper bag that held charcoal as a napkin, eating delicious meat that was cooked on a metal rack settled on top of a wheelbarrow with the burning coals inside. Classic. Definitely bringing this tradition back to the states. We will be teaching Diego and his mom, who lives next door to the house- in - process on wednesday.
Anyway, just having a great time here.....theres definitely more to do than time to do it, but I'm doing what i can!
Thanks for your support and all the good stuff, love you so much and I'm getting ready to hit my "6 months to sexy" as they say.
until next week! love you!
para siempre dios este con vos.
Elder Winger
p.s......sorry i didn't send pictures (again)....forgot my memory card in the apartment. :(

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