Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mishhhh update ‏ 08/21/12 Week 79

Hey fam!
When i opened up my letter for this week, i had no idea who "Robert Redford" was, but i guess that´s cool that you sang happy birthday to him haha. After a little bit of research, i now know who he is no worries.
Mom, thanks for sending my debit card, and yes i did receive your package with girl scout cookies and all. Luved it! Everything was gone in like 2 hours ha........food is always a top priority.
So this week was one of mixed feelings.. We had a fun activity yesterday in the ward where we played volleyball, ping pong, and breakdancing. One of the brothers in my ward is a skilled breakdancer and he brought his friends. They taught me a few moves so i´m going to be ready to throw it down. Not sure if breakdancing was appropriate, especially in missionary attire.....but it was fun so "ya fue" :)
Unfortunately all of our investigators without baptismal dates are not going to make it anymore......but we are still working with them so they can get baptized in the future, but we are mostly focusing on the effort, as always, of finding new people, new investigators.
Transfers will be coming up next week, so we´ll see what happens....i´m pretty sure i´ll be getting a new companion! Hope he´s ready.
Anyway, thanks for writing me again this week, i love you all so much!!!
Elder Winger
Scripture: Ether 12:4

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