Monday, August 20, 2012

I, Tanner, having been born of goodly parents....08/13/12 Week 78

So hey there. Mom, the first part of this letter goes out to you, in response to an email you sent me a couple of weeks ago. I was sitting with a new convert family a couple days ago and the mother was telling me about how its been so stressful to be doing EVERYTHING without much help in the home. She has felt overwhelmed and she feels that her grown up kids don't make the sacrifice to give or do what is asked. I replied to her by saying "welp, i know exactly what its like to be one of those kids ha". I expressed to her that one of the things that helped me realize all that my parents have done for me, something that has helped me to want to express more gratitude and help, and a way that has brought our family close together was Family Prayer everynight. I want to thank you so much, you, dad, tiffani, nate, and casey for making that an important part of the day. I can remember that almost every night i was the last one on my knees. You expressed in your email that you may have felt a little discouraged from not reading from the scriptures with me as much as you would have liked to, but mom, you did. I will never forget you waking up at 6:00 AM with us to read a scripture and say a prayer. I won´t forget dad waking up every morning, even before me and tiff, heading out to another day of work with a big ol grin on his face under that big ol mustache. I really miss those things. Thanks for those examples that you gave me. I have the best family ever.
So this week the work has continued to move forth. We are struggling with baptisms in my area, zone, and the whole mission, and it has really been a time to dig down and kick it up a notch. One of the greatest scriptures of spiritual strength that have touched me is in Alma 26:27. The secret to overcoming any obstacle is work. So we are going to keep chugging along and the lord will continue to bless us.
I´m so grateful to hear that everyone is still doing good good. Let me know if there is anything needed or desired to know :)
Elder Winger

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