Monday, August 20, 2012

Hey! 08/06/12 Week 77

Hey Family!!!

This week has flown by, once again!  Just keepin on goin ha.  I´m glad
to hear that everyone is doing well and have taken a little bit of a
rest break.  Sounds like the oneida river trip was a blast! Today I
finally took the time to organize my pictures, so I don´t have a lot
of time to write usual ha, but i´m doing great!  We had 5
investigators come to church yesterday so that was exciting.  And what
happened with the breaking window.  We were driving along on the bus
when all of a sudden the window shattered!  We came to find out that
someone shot a 16mm steel ball at the window with a slingshot i would
assume.  close call ha.  Anyways, we are looking to have a couple of
baptisms on the 11th!  there names are Ismael and Rodrigo who are 11
and 8 years old.  We are still working with the parents, but they
aren´t married and for now the husband isn´t interested...but they are
an amazing family, and veronica, the mom, is the sister in law of our
recent convert valeria who got baptized last month.  Also this fact for ya:  my comp taught me with his extensive
knowledge that a cow has 3 stomachs or of which is
used to store "the garbage poop".....anyway, i ate THAT stomach this
week.  boiled.  im really getting used to eat every other part of the
cow besides the meat part haha.  Have a great week, love you and miss
you!  Ill be beginning my final 6 months this week!

Elder Winger

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