Thursday, October 11, 2012

A wet one ‏10/09/12 Week 86

Hey family!

Wow talk about tons of news!  Yeah, we couldn´t believe the change in
age for serving a mission either. It´s pretty crazy! I´m not sure if
i´ll still be out here to see 18 and 19 year olds, but we´ll see.
And Yes, I would love to go to the Hill Cumorah Pageant with Tiffani.
I´m definitely looking forward to plenty of family time haha.  So
yeah, book me a seat!!
It sounds like you have all had an adventurous couple of weeks!
Traveling the globe haha.  I´m excited to see all the pictures and
hear the stories!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE!! Save me a slice of cake alright....or you can
just buy me one in four months haha.  and Nixon as well!  He´s already
turning one, that´s incredible!  happy birthday bud!  I miss you, and
i don´t even know you yet haha.
This week was a fun one!!  The Lord has definitely making changes in
my life and has helped me see his miracles take place in the lives of
others.  I´ve seen little miracles this week that have proved to me
that for every commandment and law obeyed, a blessing is given.  For
example, we were able to go to the saturday session of conference if
we brought investigators.  My companion and I went to the session,
expecting 2-3 investigators to meet us there.  As the conference
began, neither of the 3 had shown up.  After staying through 3 talks,
with 0 investigators there, I was faced with a choice.  "Well, I AM in
General Conference for pete´s sake, and we are going to show up at the
2nd session with´s not bad if we just stay
through the rest of this session, we are far from our area anyways.
As that thought in my mind finished, the prompting came that that
wasn´t the right decision.  Having had that same now recognizable
prompting of the holy ghost touch me, and having acted upon it at
times and other times not, i knew what i needed to do.  I told my
companion, and we left to our area.  We didn´t have many plans, so we
decided to knock a few doors.  After knocking 2-3-4 and not seeing
success, we knocked another.  A lady came out and we presented
ourselves.  She replied by saying "i was just talking with a man about
you 2 boys yesterday, what a coincidence that you´re here.  I was
intrigued as the man was telling me about a book of yours, but you 2
have never passed by my house.  What are you sharing?  (In my mind I
was like: Oh- My- Gosh).  We gave her a copy of the book of mormon and
we are going to pass by this week.  That´s the story of the week.  As
we obey, we are blessed.

Everything is going well!  Today for p-day we played soccer on
sythentic turf (first time in 20 months!), and i bought yet another
pair of shoes........i guess it was worth it ;).

Anyways, glad to hear that everyone is doing fantastic.  Enjoy your week!

Scripture: Doctrine and covenants 130:20-21

Elder Winger

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