Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mother´s Day Encore‏ 10/22/12 Week 88


As I think of this week, this classic primary hit comes to mind "primary children sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked, aaandddd wwwaaalllkkeedd." Haha, but truly, it was a marvelous week.

On Friday I had the opportunity of doing "divisiones" with the assistents to the president (change companions for a day), and i learned a bunch! Unfortuantely, me and my companion began working in the pooring rain...without an umbrella. Fortunately we found mercy with a member from the ward there and were able to enter the house, share a message, receive referencias, and even eat birthday cake leftovers :). Followed by a wonderful asado (argentine barbecue) at the mission home under sunny skies. the weather is. psycho. always. But it´s always fun to go to new areas, see new streets, meet new people. and i even got to ride co-pilot in the mssion van. stylin.
I learned a lot as well about the importance of working with members. We´ve been really focused on gaining an even stronger relationship this week with the members and fortunately we received 29 referencias of people that live in the area! Yay! But, more than just gaining a better relationship with the members, i learned about how important it really is that everyone shares the gospel. there´s a scripture in Dyc 38:40-42 that says:
40 And again, I say unto you, I give unto you a commandment, that every man, both elder, priest, teacher, and also member, go to with his might, with the alabor of his bhands, to prepare and accomplish the things which I have commanded.
41 And let your apreaching be the bwarning voice, every man to his neighbor, in mildness and in cmeekness.
42 And go ye aout from among the bwicked. Save yourselves. Be ye cclean that bear the vessels of the Lord. Even so. Amen.
What a blessing it is to live on the earth with the fullness of the gospel. Day after Day, trying to share this glorious message with God´s children, i´ve come to realize that 2 years just isn´t enough. Being a missionary is a lifetime pursuit! I am so grateful for your examples and testimonies, and don´t forget to give a copy of the book of mormon out to a non-member every once in a while eh? ;) Ok.
Enough of me, Fantastic news i´ve heard! First of all, fall weather in utah! definitely something to be missed. Glad to hear that the family has been able to get together and hang out! Sounds like a great trip is planned in the coming week as well to ALABAMA. I had a missionary in my zone last transfer that had served for 6 weeks in Alabama before coming here to Argentina. When I asked him about Alabama he replied, "I love black people:" hahaha. just sayin. Hope you have a great trip!
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE. I totally forgot i even liked huckleberries. It was a tasty treat. Today I found myself once again in the kitchen whippin up some pancakes. A few of us Elders got together to watch 17 miracles (again) and eat pancakes. An enjoyable p-day indeed.
Also tell Grandma Carma y Richard THANKS FOR THE DEAR ELDER PACKAGE! Me and my companion ate all of the cookies inside in 24 hours minus 23 hours. mmmmmmm thanks!
We have been blessed this past week with finding some new people to teach, so keep your fingers crossed that we can help them receive the gospel! I´m really enjoying being here, and am sad at how fast time is flying by! As dad wrote me in his email, it is certain that there are still plenty of things to do here.
Thanks mom for your testimony and for the quote. You´ve always been an inspiration for me. as well as dad. as well as the whole family. I´m so blessed! Hope you enjoy this week, and have a fun halloween! Until next week! LOVE YOU.
Elder Winger
Quote of the week! : When life gives you more than you can stand, kneel.
p.s. Yesterday was Mother´s Day in Argentina......it´s the only country that has mother´s day on a different date than in may......so Happy Mother´s Day Mom!

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