Thursday, October 18, 2012

One of my greatest weaknesses: Running 10/15/12 Week 87

Here here here i am, just enjoying life!  I´m feeling a little bit on
the droopy-eyes-muscle-aching-body-degenerating side of things, but
all is well! all is well.  Today we enjoyed a p-day running our socks
off in a 90 minute soccer match.  Alright, you´d think that i would be
in more-or-less decent shape at least by walking everyday, but 5
minutes on a soccer field or any form of manual labor.  toasted.  It
was fun playing, especially since we played on turf again like last
week, but this time on another field that´s indoor because it´s
raining today.  And just to add to that, we also were chased by a
ferocious 5 pound dog today (running required.)
  Unforunately my zone didn´t have such a hot week this week as far as
the work goes, but everyone´s happy and out working hard...what more
to be asked?  I have been having a great time and have received an
incredible ammount of help here in this area from the Lord.  When it
seems that the work isn´t moving forward as fast as i would like, at
least i know that the work is moving forward! Oh, what a marvelous
work it truly is.
   Oh, before i forget, General Conference was fabulous.  We had the
blessing of having 4 investigators attend.  What greater spiritual
experience can one have then to hear the Prophet and Apostles of God.
Love love loved it.  I also can´t wait until it comes out in the
Liahona so that i can read them again.  It really was an inspired
conference.  And yes, pretty crazy with the whole age change thing!
I´m going to get home and everyone between 18-21 are going to be on
missions haha, male and female.
    So, i´m becoming quite the cook.  I was able to whip out "Ñoquis"
today as a special treat.  What is a ñoqui you may ask?  Well, it is
basically dough rolled out in mini bean-shaped forms, boiled, and
served with salsa.  and don´t forget to throw a pitcher of "TANG" on
the side.  I know, it sounds delicious.  and it was delicious.
     Everything is going well with our investigators.  We are still
working with Germán because he likes the church he´s attending and our
church at the same time.  he reads the book of mormon a lot, came to
the conference, and always loves our lessons....but he stills feels
obligated to go to his evangelist church for now.  But he has come a
long ways and the spirit is definitely working miracles in him, so I
have the sure faith that he´s going to pull through for the winning
team soon.
  Estela, our other investigator, had quite the rollercoaster week
last week.  We had an amazing lesson with her about the atonement and
repentance, she went to general conference, is preparing for baptism,
when all of a sudden she lost her jam.  Wham-bummer.  But, that was
last week.  She has been telling us all week that she knows that
happened to her because the Lord has better plans in store for her.
And sure enough, she texted us last night to say that she has a job
interview tomorrow.  HOORAY!  So yeah, Her faith is incredible and the
Lord is taking care of her for us.
   Well, now that I robbed a bunch of time from you, i´ll now let you
go.  Thank you so much for your prayers and for sharing your
experiences from the other side of the world.  I´m so grateful that
our family will be eternal.  I miss you so so so much, and i look at
your photos probably a little too often.  Just know that you got
someone pulling for ya in Argentina.
Elder Winger

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