Thursday, October 11, 2012

I held an owl 10/01/12 Week 85

Hey Family!

So we´ve been pretty swamped this week! We´ve done a lot of traveling to other areas to do "divisiones" and plenty of zone leader stuff has definitely made yet another week pass by. I´m lovin the work, but p-day always arrives just. in. time.

So Emanuel came to church this Sunday! He has a baptismal date for the 20th of this month and everything is going smooth. We are hungry to baptize :)
A miracle that happened this week was with a less-active man named Andres. I´m not sure if i already told you about him, but he´s been less-active for a really really long time. When i met him a fwhile ago (by the way, he is one of the funniest people i´ve met haha) he was drinking a lot, was mad at god for things that had happened in his life, and didn´t want to listen to us preach, nothing. A few weeks ago we shared with him what the book of mormon is and why it´s important. To make a long story short, he´s attended church the last 3 sundays, is reading in 2nd nephi, and he´s been drinking juice everytime we have passed by. He even wore a buttoned up shirt on sunday. The book of mormon changes lives.

Another funny story: I went to a city named Casilda this week, and while we were working, we stopped by the house of a member who was going to accompany us to a visit. When i walked in, there sitting on a post was an owl. a pet owl. But this time i got to hold it and pet it and everything haha, it was awesome.....definitely looking for one in the future. As we were traveling in the members car, i was pretty startled. It´s a dramatic change from going 3 miles per hour walking speed to 130 kilometers per hour in a car. at night. It was quite the adventure haha, me and my companion had a good laugh/stress relief chat afterwards.

Anyways, i hope that everyone is doing well! We are coming in on 4 months left, can´t believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all and miss you more everyday!.....but i´m working, no worries.

Elder Winger

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