Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let us all press on 09/10/12 Week 82

Hey Everyone!

So this week was just awesome. First of all, on Wednesday we had mission council and Elder Viñas from the area seventy came to speak to us. It´s amazing the spirit that the authorities of the church have. He pretty much filled my spiritual gas tank all the way full and now we have some newly renovated motivation to go out and work. This week, unforunately, was one of those weeks where, well, many unfortunate things happen (appointments which aren´t kept, emergency transferes, mosquitoes....) but we keep going forward. joyfully :) One thing Elder Viñas told us is that in times of trial you can either "suffer with joy" or just "suffer" -which is just awful, he added haha. Life is full of trials, but what joy and hope we have that Christ has overcome the world.
Also this week we had the privilege of viewing the rededication of the Buenos Aires Temple after 3 years of being closed. Twas incredible. Elder Eyring came to perform the rededication and he was accompanied by Elders M. Russell Ballard and D. Todd Christofferson. I´m so happy for the people here of argentina who have been hungering desperately for this day. It was an emotional day for everyone, and i know that the work will push forth even more fervently.
One of our investigators, Germán, is doing well! He read 10 chapters from the book of mormon between our 1st and 2nd visit, so we are excited to keep helping him move forward!
The weather here is also starting to warm up. We had a few rainy days this last week, overall it´s been beautiful weather.

Mom, if you send a package....don´t forget maple syrup :) and im still waiting for my debit card. I´ll let you know when it arrives.

Sorry im not that great of an email writer, but thanks so much for your prayers and support. Family, I love you so much. thanks for raising me in this gospel and for allowing me to serve the Lord.

Elder Winger

Scripture:John 15:10

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