Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Busy busy 10/29/12 Week 89

Hey Fam!

Well it always seems like things get the busiest towards the end of the month haha, so i might not have to much time to write today. But it was a great week! A couple of highlights were that Germ├ín and his wife margarita (who´s in a wheelchair) came to church on Sunday!! They have come A LONG WAYS since we first met them a few months ago. Also this week , we knocked the door of a house and a lady came out with her son. She asked where we were from, and when i told her i was from the united states she said , "Oh wow! We absolutely love movies from the united states!" then she looked at her son and said "look son, he´s from the united states. Look how normal he is. Can´t you see now that they are NORMAL PEOPLE ?" hahaha it was way funny. I also showed them the family pictures i have, and they thought that Casey in his graduation photo was taken at Hogwarts.

Thanks for your thoughts and your prayers, i love you all so much!!

Scripture of the week: Proverbs 4:7. Always have scripture study first on your daily to-do list!

Elder Winger

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